14 habits to give up if you want to live a happier life

Whether we will achieve our dreams and goals is often a dynamic and for us rather unpleasant game of (un)luck, environmental forces and our own effort. Nothing can guarantee us that we will achieve our own desires. Nevertheless, our path is at least to a certain extent in our hands. In the article, you can read a list of 14 habits to give up if you want to live a happier life.

Here you can see a list of 14 habits to give up if you want to live a happier life. Would you remove or perhaps add any?

Watching TV is not relaxation

Watching TV is something that everyone needs from time to time. However, this should not be your primary type of relaxation.

Go to nature to relax
Go to nature to relax.


Rumination, or excessive thinking about past events or problems, does not lead to the creation of solutions, but only takes away the focus and energy you need to deal with everyday problems.

Playing the victim

Distinguish when you are a victim and when it is just a game that is easier than taking responsibility.


Holding grudges will only undermine your relationships and make you even more restless.


The good old saying "What you can do today, don't put off until tomorrow" is worth its weight in gold.


Doing it will ruin your relationships and have a bad effect on your personal growth.

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Doing it harms both poles
Doing it harms both poles

Neglecting your health

Health is not self-evident and does not last forever. Eat healthy and exercise a lot.

Excitement over details

Constantly worrying about details that have no real impact on your life can take away a lot of your good will. Try to look at the bigger picture.

Say it

Everyone fails at some point. Everyone gives up now and then. Everyone makes a mistake from time to time, which, to put it mildly, they are not proud of. That's when it's time to take responsibility, not look for answers.


Persistence is a beautiful virtue, but stubbornness that forces your head through a wall is tiring both for you and for those around you. Sometimes it is wise to give up.


Perfection is admirable, but when it leads to perfectionism, it can have serious consequences for your psychological health.

Hanging out with the wrong people

Hanging out with people who only drain your energy and make you miserable can hurt you more in the long run than you think.

Excessive flexibility

If you are constantly adapting to others and trying to satisfy them, while forgetting about your own needs, you can get completely lost in the process.


If you really want something, try to achieve it. Even if you fail, it's better than constantly asking "what if...".

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