3 signs that your sexuality is healthy: a relationship that makes you happy

Even in sex, there are some awkward moments – whether you and your partner are completely connected on an emotional level and ready for sex, you will inevitably encounter various awkward challenges that will make things less than sexy. But that's totally fine and part of the fun! The most important thing is to have someone who loves you by your side and the sex will only get better with time. What are 3 signs that your sexuality is healthy?

At first glance, it appears that it is sexuality is a natural part of human life, but countless people face fears, reservations and awkward situations before they can establish a "normal" sexual practice. If you and your partner are facing such challenges right now, it's important that you they take their time. It's only normal that it will take some time before you can get along completely opened up to each other.

The most important thing is to build trust, have open conversations, find each other's sweet spots, and learn to sexuality should not be taken too seriously - once you get to the point where sex is fun for you, everything will be much easier and you can say it is your sexuality is healthy.

3 signs that your sexuality is healthy:

1. They are happy.

If they're not happy, they will be had a hard time achieving a healthy relationship and consequently healthy sexuality. They are scientists ascertained, that there is a strong the relationship between sexual satisfaction (desire for sexuality, infrequent disputes over sexuality and well-being in relation to sexuality) and happiness in the relationship – the latter is said to promote attraction and pave the way for healthy sexuality.

Happiness is extremely important for healthy sexuality.
Happiness is extremely important for healthy sexuality.

2. They have no problem talking about sex.

Conversation is important in every area of life. When you reach a stage in your relationship that involves talking beforehoney and after sexual relationship, you can call yourself a master of sexuality.

Communication is the first rule that leads to healthy sex life, experts say. It's good to tell each other what you'd like to do before sex - it seems like this kind of conversation kills the spontaneity, but you'll find it's great intellectual foreplay. But it doesn't end there - the conversation continues during sex because they are checking to see if everything is going smoothly. Such a conversation turns into dirty words that spice up what happens in bed. When you reach nirvana, it's time to say something about it, why are they masters of sex!

It's not always hot in bed, and you know that.
It's not always hot in bed, and you know that.

3. They realize that it is not always necessarily hot in bed.

Experts believe that it is extremely important that they have a realistic view of sexuality. You are living a real life, not an (adult) movie in which all participants are sexually driven 24/7, enjoying sex, and only thinking about it. They will meet here and there faced with declines in sex drive and a weakened desire and attraction for each other, which is basically nothing wrong with that.

If you learn to accept the fact that there is no rule, "HOW TO BE SEXUALLY ACTIVE", and you and your partner are ready tell each other, when you feel a weakened sex drive, they will reach the stage of a healthy sex life. So you have to learn to respect each other's feelings and calm the horses when they are at their wildest.

What to do to improve your sex life?

They try to each other persistently show love and trust, because this is the only way they will be able to achieve trust and love in bed. Few people can completely let go and enjoy sex with another person without love, commitment and trust.

They spend as much quality time together as possible - this does not mean that you have to have sex every day, but it is completely enough if you are intimate only once a week (if it suits both of you) and find time to be together regularly, without anyone disturbing you. Don't forget that intimacy also includes psychological activity, not just physical.

Spend as much time together as possible and let it be quality time!
Spend as much time together as possible and let it be quality time!

The most common problem in long-term relationships is that partners do not find time for sex. The easiest way to fix this problem is to do the latter are planning, especially if they work on children. It is important that you do not view sexual planning as a clinical case, but approach it in a fun way. If you know that you planned to have sex today, make an evening full of aphrodisiacs and seduction. When you both practice this way of sex regularly, planned intercourse will be something you can't wait for to happen.

If you and your partner face problems in your sexuality, it is clear that it will trying new things science fiction. But maybe that's exactly what you lack - new, different, unique things. Boring sex leads to a deadening of desire, so you need to talk about a different approach to sex that will bond you and grow together.

Why not try apps?
Why not try apps?

2 apps to improve your sex life!

If you think you need additional help to improve your sex life, you can also benefit from apps, who help couples in one way or another improve the relationship and sexuality.


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