3 ultimate features of the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ that you didn't know about!

The new Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone is definitely a great phone, but we believe you don't know all its hidden assets yet. The latter make the difference between good and the best phones. Let's see what are the 3 ultimate features of the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ that you didn't know about!

Series Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones brought a bunch of innovations that average users won't notice right away. But it's because of them user experience much better. That's also why this time we focused on three, which we believe you don't know yet and are real technological surpluses!

"Sharing is caring": wirelessly charges another device and more...

How many times has it happened to you that your smartwatch or wireless headphones ran out of power at an inopportune moment? Now you can be yours Samsung Galaxy S10+ used as a "charger" and used to charge any device that supports the Qi charging standard. More! You will also be able to charge devices that do not charge wirelessly, as they can be powered via the USB-C plug. The latter enables so-called reverse power supply. You can charge the Samsung Galaxy S10+ wirelessly extremely quickly with the help of the new Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 technology, which enables charging as much as 33 percent faster than the previous Samsung Galaxy S9 model. Also, the phone is "express" charged quickly even through the classic mode, which is among the fastest in the industry.

Display technology without comparison

For years, Samsung has been considered the best in the field of smartphone screens - it also produces the latter for many other manufacturers. This time it's right in the series Galaxy S10 used all the knowledge it brings from the world of smart TVs to provide an incredible picture experience. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the first phone with an infinity-O display. So-called Dynamic AMOLED offers us the capacity of more than 16 million colors and has luminosity 1200 nits. Dynamic image mapping is used for a great picture, improving it on the fly while watching a video or playing a game. This means that the image has more contrast, colors are adjusted, and details are highlighted even in the dark. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ constantly recalculates what you see and corrects the image on the fly, regardless of the quality of the source. With the HDR10+ standard (an open standard of the next generation for HDR video), it improves it to the potential capabilities of the screen (enriched "signal"). And in this it is the first among all manufacturers. This is also why the experience of watching movies will be exceptional or better. The screen is with the phone Samsung Galaxy S10+ simply excellent.

Science fiction fingerprint technology

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung is aware that it is the security of your phone is an important factor. It also aims to offer users the best possible experience using the phone's unlock sensor, which is hidden beneath the surface of the phone's screen. Even when your hands are dirty or wet. At the company Samsung have used innovative ultrasonic technology. The latter works by sending a high-frequency ultrasonic sound sensor an inaudible audible sonic signal against your fingers the moment you put it on sensor. The reflection of sound from the surface of the finger shows the details of the finger, and thus the sensor recognizes whether the finger unlocking your phone is the right one. The user experience itself is commendable and at the same time interesting, as the fingerprint sensor can be used even when the screen is off. Also interesting are the animations that enhance the use of the phone during unlocking.

Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of phones, it takes care of details that are hidden from the user, but still very important in daily use smartphone.

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