5 factors that cause attraction and chemistry between partners

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Chemistry and attraction are physical feelings that we encounter at the very beginning of falling in love, and they usually appear completely unexpectedly. After a certain amount of time that we spend in a relationship, they change a bit - namely, they move into romantic feelings or the so-called romantic chemistry.

We inquired about which factors have the greatest influence on attraction and how it is possible that our chemistry with some is so strong, but with others we do not feel it at all.

1. Mutual fascination

When we think about the beginnings of falling in love, we usually remember the moments when we are the chosen one noticed for the first time. And many times we were in some way then enchanted, because we saw something special in him - something that made him in our eyes interesting and different from others. Maybe it was for dress style, maybe for way, how he talked to people or walked the world, we may have heard it uttered interesting observation

For chemistry to develop into something more, there must be infatuation, of course bilateral, which some feel already at first eye contact, and others when they get involved in the unexpected fun and interesting conversation.

Do you still remember what first fascinated you about rartner? Photo: Meruyert Gonullu / Pexels

2. Similarity

Experts in the field of psychology have long noted that it also affects attraction and chemistry similarity. This is not about physical appearance (although such theories also exist), nor about shared interests (despite the fact that these mean a greater potential for a relationship), but about similar patterns and perceptions of relationships.

It often happens that strong chemistry is felt by people who grew up in similar environments or have experienced in their lives similar experiences. This is because our psyche is most attracted to what is known to us– such a partner gives us subconsciously a feeling of security and home.

3. Easy communication

Yes, when with someone we are just getting to know each other and we also experience strong feelings of attraction, it can happen that conversation falls out a bit awkward. However, it makes a difference if we get tongue-tied because we like someone, or if we think we don't at all we do not find common themes and opinions.

If communication in principle runs smoothly and quite a few times we laugh or smile, then the chances of the chemistry growing into something more are huge. The opposite is true if you talk all the time we ask, what to say and we try to fill awkward silences– then there is a possibility that we will soon no longer feel the attraction.

Chemistry is also evident in light, playful conversation Photo: Arina Krasnikova / Pexels

4. Smell

Whether we will be attracted to a certain person is undoubtedly influenced by her smell. And this is not about your chosen one dressing up as your favorite perfume (although this will no doubt impress you too), but the chemistry is mainly influenced by his natural scent.

Research shows that without any additives, those who are with us will smell the best they match according to the immune system– i.e. persons with whom we have the opportunity to the healthiest offspring. We must not forget that we are still human - regardless of all the science and technology instinctive creatures and that love - no matter how beautiful and romantic - also depends on ours instincts.

5. Physical attractiveness

The last factor is most likely clear to you: it is about physical attractiveness. It's not that only supermodels can be attracted to this trait by any means: everyone has their own the guy looks, which arouses the greatest interest in him, and in addition, sometimes we notice that we are attracted to someone who looks completely different like our exes.

People do too we distinguish: some have physical attraction condition, that they can even think about a relationship that would go beyond friendship. On the other hand, many people have chemistry at first sight doesn't need it and feeling in love gradually, that is, when a person and his character gets to know more deeply. There is nothing wrong with either option, you just need to be careful that you are as much as possible in touch with your body and that it is yours inner world balanced– so you will have much more chances to feel the chemistry with real people.

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