Peugeot Inception: a futuristic design concept

Peugeot Inception Concept; Photo: media.stellantis.com

Peugeot Inception is an electric car concept that will serve as inspiration for future generations of Peugeot electric cars. We can expect the first futuristically designed Peugeots as early as 2025.

Conceptual Peugeot Inception rides on Stelantis' large STLA platform. It measures in length 5 meters, and to the height of everything 1.34 meters. He takes care of the power supply 800-volt technology, and for energy storage, a battery with capacity 100 kWh, which stores enough energy for up to 800 kilometers a long way. Due to the possibility of using inductive charging, we will only 5 minutes charging, had enough energy for additional 150 kilometers paths. Peugeot Inception has four-wheel drive and two electric motors, which together have 500 kW of power (680 hp). Due to the abundance of power and instant maximum torque, it needs a concept to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h less than 3 seconds.

The electric concept has the latest generation of virtual system i-Cockpit, and the classic steering wheel replaces the control Hypersquare. The four-cornered "steering wheel" was inspired by video games, and the basic controls of the car can only be operated using the fingers on the steering wheel. Even more than the technology, the concept with glass surfaces, which are the result of cooperation with the space agency, impresses NASA. Glass Narima it is processed under the same conditions as the visors on astronaut helmets are processed. Due to the processing, they have glasses yellowish appearance but retain their thermal properties.

Peugeot Inception Concept; Photo: media.stellantis.com

The concept has autonomous technology the fourth level, which in the case of taking control clears the steering wheel and increases the feeling comforts in the passenger cabin. The display of the concept's technologies may sound like science fiction, but Peugeot aims to see most of the technology presented see the light of day in production cars by the year 2025. After all, Peugeot wants to fly 2030, to become the leading European brand in the field of electric cars.

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