The Plectrum: Lazzarini's luxury yacht is a hydrofoil

The world's largest hydrofoil will be a private yacht

Photo: Lazzarini

Experience the height of luxury with Lazzarini's 74-meter (243-foot) yacht, a hydrogen-powered masterpiece.

Italian design Studio Lazzarini is with the unveiling of its latest concept yacht The Plectrum, set a new milestone in the nautical industry. A vessel that measures an impressive 74 meters (243 feet) in length, it is expected to become the largest hydrofoil yacht in the world. With its sleek design inspired by Prada's 2023 America's Cup yacht, its lightweight carbon and composite hull, and its ability to float above the surface of the water, the Plectrum is a true engineering masterpiece.

The Plectrum, powered by three hydrogen engines, each of which can reach 3,710 kilowatts, or 5,000 horsepower, reaches a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour, or 75 knots. Passengers will be able to enjoy the ultimate luxury experience with the yacht's elegant living spaces, six bedrooms and an owner's cabin.

Photo: Lazzarini

The exterior of the yacht offers many possibilities for relaxation and entertainment. The main deck has a pool and lounge area, perfect for enjoying the views and sunshine. There is also a garage to store toys and offers and a helipad to park your helicopter.

Experience the height of luxury and opulence with Lazzarini's The Plectrum. This hydrofoil yacht is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to step aboard. And the price… $87,000,000.

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