5 ways to tell the difference between a true friend and a person who is just taking advantage of you

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In life, our paths cross with the paths of a wide variety of people. Some stay in our lives for a long time and bring us many wonderful moments, while others teach us an important lesson: each of our friends is not with us for the best reason. We have prepared for you 5 ways to distinguish between a true friend and a person who is exploiting you.

Each of us has experiences with people who turned out not to have best intentions. That is why it is very important that we are in making friendships careful and yes we don't allow it, so that people would treat us worse than you do we earn. This does not mean that we have to face the world to close: humans are social creatures and friends they are what make our lives fuller and happier.
We suggest you try to have one first love yourself and looked at the world and their future as much as possible positively. In this way you will be in your life attracted people who will stand by you through thick and thin, and from those who will behave in the opposite way, you will have no problems withdrew. To make it easier to distinguish between them, we have prepared for you 5 ways, how to tell the difference between a true friend and a person who is exploiting you.

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1. A friend never finds time for you

Adult life can be hectic and sometimes we feel that we can't find the time neither for yourself nor for your loved ones. Therefore, it is completely normal that friends cannot be available to you every moment of the day- in most cases, bad intentions are not hidden behind such behavior. And yet: if you notice that your friend doesn't make time for you even when he does you need the most and is only with you when you are talking or hanging out he wants, this is a very bad sign.
You deserve people by your side who will made an effort, that it would be good for you in difficult times easier. If you only get a bunch from a friend excuses and you have the feeling that you are among his priorities no longer ranking, it's time to conversation and consideration, or to continue the friendship.

2. Your intuition warns you that something is wrong

Intuition is one of the most important parts of human nature: it helped our ancestors survive. Despite this, it is used many times let's forget and her we ignore, which can cause us to devote our time, energy and love to people who love us they exploit. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you are listening your psyche and body and observe what yours is like feeling before, during and after hanging out with a particular friend. If you have v strange feeling in the stomach, if something warns you that things are not as you would like them to be, if you feel complete after hanging out exhausted and if you are in front of him nervous, this may indicate a person who does not have the best intentions.
You should know that intuition is sometimes mistaken for feelings anxiety, which are unfortunately very common in the modern world. Therefore, it is very important to be with your inner world in touch as much as possible (which is best achieved through meditation) and thus clearly recognize the difference between these feelings.

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3. A friend mocks your ideas and goals

The modern world offers us many possibilities, how we can get to the life we dream of - both traditional and slightly more unconventional. Achieving goals is by no means the easiest and if, for example, we start opening up of your company, we will need support of loved ones. Here it can be shown which of your friends deserves to remain in your life: observe what kind reaction you receive when them you explain about his ambitions. It is normal that you can your friends worries and yes you warn, if they think your plans need some improvement, but it's quite another thing if you they mock and they make you feel that your wishes are unrealizable.
Remember: you will regret a lot more in life, if anything do not test, as if you are faced with failure. Therefore, it is important that you are surrounded by people who are in you they believe and to you they stand by.

4. A friend behaves differently towards you in society

We've all met that person before in two gave her the feeling that she could we trust, in company but her behavior has completely changed changed– and not to the point. The important thing is that you love yourself enough to realize that you are respect and kindness is always earned and yes a friend who would give you the feeling that for his company you are not enough, you don't need to.
The same is true if you find out that your friend is telling his company about you personal life and does not introduce you to others in good lights. Remember: a true friend will want the best for you and not join performance or contempt you and your life.

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5. You can't be yourself with a friend

Friends enrich our lives precisely because we can be with them exactly who we are– without shame or worry that they would think something bad about us. If around a friend you get the feeling that you have to be in front of him to pretend, it is important that first clear up, where this could come from. Sometimes the reason does not lie in the friend himself, but we are the ones who believe that it is we are not good enough and that our true personality people would not accepted. Of course, this is far from the truth: yes, we will never be liked by everyone, but we can always find people who will they loved it exactly as we are.
If you accepted yourself, and your friend accepted yours reactions it shows him certain parts of your character they are not easy, it's time to get away from him you move away- you don't need such a person in your life.

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