Hennessey VelociRaptorR 1000: a monstrous pick-up with 1,000 horsepower

Hennessey VelociRaptorR 1000; Photo: hennesseyperformance.com

The Ford Raptor R is Ford's ultimate off-road chaser. But for a company like Hennessey, this is still not enough. But it is enough for the basis of their latest monster - Hennessey VelociRaptorR 1000.

Basic Ford Raptor R it's certainly not underpowered, as it packs the same engine found in the Ford Shelby GT500. Raptors 5.2 liter compressor V8 cylinder otherwise it is not so strong and has ʺmerelyʺ 522 kW (710 HP) and 867 newton meters of torque. For a car manufacturer Hennessey this is still not enough, as a result of which they installed a larger supercharger on the engine and upgraded many other components.

Hennessey VelociRaptorR 1000; Photo: hennesseyperformance.com

Upgrading one of the most bloodthirsty ʺdinosaursʺ will only make it that much stronger 40%. As the name VelociRaptorR 1000 suggests, it should have a super sports pick-up 745 kW power, what it is capable of 1,013 horsepower. The torque will be available for whatever 1,152 newton meters. The upgrade required a larger fuel line, a new compressor belt and a computer calibration. The already high fuel consumption will definitely increase due to the upgrade, but we can think that the owners of the monstrous pick-up won't be too bothered about it.

Hennessey VelociRaptorR 1000; Photo: hennesseyperformance.com

The VelociRaptorR will also have some visual upgrades, such as front and rear bumpers and an LED light bar. 20-inch rims have ʺshoesʺ 37-inch tires. There is also a bunch of inscriptions that make it even more clear that it is a really ʺdangerousʺ semi-truck. The VelociRaptoR is already available for order, but the price is unknown at this time.

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