5 ways to prevent split ends

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Split ends are something we can't completely avoid - when they happen, it's time to cut your hair. However, there are ways to reduce hair splitting to a great extent and thus ensure that our hair stays healthy, strong and beautiful for a long time. We have prepared for you 5 ways to prevent split ends.

1. Avoid chemical and heat treatment

Advice you will hear from everyone hairdresser, is to try thermally and chemical hair treatment reduce as much as possible. One of the most aggressive of chemical hair treatments permanent, but it can also harm them coloring, especially when it comes to use peroxide.
Heat treatment includes curling and hair straightening- we suggest that you arrange your hair in a curly hairstyle with help cheerleader or weaving braids. We also recommend that you wash your hair from time to time instead of using a dryer air dry.

Think carefully before aggressively styling your hair Photo: Sergey Makashin / Pexels

2. Be gentle when washing your hair

Hair is most sensitive in its own wet condition. Therefore, be careful to care for them as much as possible after washing gentle way, which will in no way include rubbing with a towel. Instead, comb your hair carefully have a drink, but we also suggest that you choose instead of classic cotton microfiber towel.

3. Comb your hair before and after washing

Hair breakage and split ends can be caused by rough combing, which, however, with very severe knots represents the only option. So make sure that you don't end up with tangled hair: you will do this by combing your hair before and after washing. If your hair curled up or you are into knotting inclined, we recommend that you comb your hair in wet condition, otherwise it's best to wait until they dry.
We also suggest that you find out which brush best suits your hair type.

Don't forget to brush your hair Photo: Alena Darmel / Pexels

4. Avoid excessive brushing

How is it with brushing during the day? Experts recommend that you do not hair in any way don't comb too much: in this way you can cause injuries, which then lead to split ends. We suggest using a brush only you pull the fabric on your hair when you need to fix your hairstyle or you have noticed the formation of a knot.
Only comb your hair along its entire length in the evening and in the morning, but be careful that you don't dragged.

5. Moisturize your hair

Damage and split ends can also be caused by the fact that your hair is dry and they urgently need it care and nutrients. Therefore hairdressers in addition to use balm when washing your hair, they also recommend applying it to your hair once a week hair mask. They will not only prevent them split ends, but they will also ensure that your hair stays soft and shining.
You can find hair masks in shops and drugstores, but you can have them prepare it yourself.

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