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Electric bicycles have experienced a real boom in recent years. How could they not, when for many they turn the previously too difficult snacks into tireless rides. Whether it's for the elderly, whether it's for people who commute to work and don't want to come to the workplace sweaty. But many do not have the privilege of going to work and errands only by bicycle, as the distances are too great. This is where A-Bike Electric comes in, the lightest folding electric bike in the world that you can easily combine with other types of transportation.

A-Bike Electric Sir Clive Sinclair's Briton is the lightest folding electric bike in the worldu. This e-bike is not only light - which I can't say for most e-bikes - but also compact, and folds/unfolds in less than ten seconds. Why would you even get around the city by car or bus and waste time in rush hours, when you can speed with the A-Bike Electric e-bike. It drives this one 24V batteriesa, which transports you to charging up to 24 kilometers away. And if your journey is longer, switch to your own foot drive to your destination.

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They probably worry you in this case small wheels. Don't worry, because you won't have to strain yourself more than you would on a classic bike. That's what thanksgiving is all about double chainring, which allows the tempo of the pedals to match the tempo of the wheels, so you have a feeling like riding a regular bike. In addition, A-Bike also has built-in sensors that detect when you slow down- for example when you go uphill - and offers to does all the hard work for you. Since it is almost as small as a briefcase when folded, you can safely take it with you on public transport, put it in your car or take it to the office or apartment.

You can charge the battery on the bike or anywhere else, as it is removable.
You can charge the battery on the bike or anywhere else, as it is removable.

A-Bike Electric is accepting pre-orders on Kickstater, and you will have to pay the minimum for it 850 euros. You can expect it at home once October 2015.

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