Check out why the smell brings back memories

Why does smell bring back memories?

Those of you who followed the Crooked Path series may have the answer to the question 'Why does smell bring back memories?' you already know because Walter explained it nicely to Gus over dinner, but for those of you who missed that part, let's just say that smell brings back memories because it travels to the part of the brain that controls emotions and memories. But why do we have such an emotional response to certain smells? More on this below.

you know why and how smell evokes memories? Smell is connected to the center of the brain that is responsible for recalling emotions and experiences, while the words travel to the part of the brain responsible for thinking. Therefore, the smell of candles takes you back to kindergarten and forces you to start thinking about who you were as a child and where that person disappeared to.

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The thalamus area of the midbrain is visited by all the senses, except for smell.
The thalamus area of the midbrain is visited by all the senses, except for smell.

Smell has the power to bring back memories you thought you didn't have, for example from early childhood. Why? The answer to this is hidden in an instructive video recording, where it is explained, among other things, why smell is one of the most powerful memory enhancers, much more than sight, hearing, taste and touch.

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