Annie Leibovitz will visit the homes of everyday people

Life at Home (IKEA) research

Photo: Ikea
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Today's most famous photographer, Annie Liebovitz, will show through her lens what our homes look like today. The collaboration with the photographer takes place within the framework of the Life at Home survey, which is carried out annually by the IKEA company worldwide.

Annie Leibovitz, today's most famous photographer, will soon begin a series of photographs depicting the lives of ordinary people in their homes. The cooperation takes place within the framework of the survey on life at home and is part of the annual report Life at Home 2022 by IKEA, which was carried out in 37 countries, including Slovenia. More than 37,000 people were surveyed during the research, and the results reveal what home means to people around the world. The findings will serve as inspiration for the famous photographer to use her lens to document people's lives at home - as they are.

Otherwise, Annie Leibovitz is renowned for her ability to capture the inner world of many famous people and capture their most intimate moments, and her work delves into the universal human experience, making her an ideal partner for the project Life at Home 2022.

IKEA's Life at Home report is the largest report of its kind in the world. Every year it gives a unique insight into people's lives and well-being. The report reveals that the three biggest concerns of more than half of Slovenian citizens are the economic situation in the country, the impact of climate change and family finances. The survey also showed that in the past year, four out of ten pretended to already have plans, when in fact they wanted to stay at home. Only nine percent of Slovenian citizens care what others think about how they live at home - the rest do not care about such opinions.

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