Samsung Galaxy S23 series revealed: top 10 things you need to know about the new best Android phone

Samsung S23 series

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has finally been unveiled and is the first major phone launch of 2023. With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and a host of other exciting features, the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone series is the most eagerly awaited new product of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series has just been launched, so let's take a look at what 2023's most-anticipated Android smartphone series has in store for us.

#1 Design: The Galaxy S23 gets a sleek yet minimal makeover

The design of the Samsung S23 series is almost identical to the current models, with a few key changes. Basic two models Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ have ditched the larger camera bump in favor of styled camera cutouts Galaxy S22 Ultra. Meanwhile, the screen size is still the same and remains at 6.1 and 6.6 inches for the mentioned phones. The frame of the phones is measured in almost the same dimensions as last year. All three models are available in four colors: phantom black, cream, green and lavender. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra it still summarizes the design guidelines of the historical Samsung Note, with a considerable size of the car 6.8 inches. It is a large and extremely beautiful phone.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Samsung phones are designed beautifully and minimalistic. Above all, we praise the fact that all phones in the Galaxy S series are visually coordinated. At the same time, they work extremely premium in this way. Photo: Samsung

#2 Display: The Samsung S23 displays a brighter and clearer picture

Samsung Galaxy S23 series all models have a high-quality screen that provides brighter and clearer images. The best screen has a resolution of up to 1440 x 3088 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz to provide an immersive viewing experience. All models are equipped with an advanced field of view and an enhanced comfort feature that adjusts colors and contrast levels throughout the day to make it even better for the eyes. The maximum brightness of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is at 1750 nits, which is huge. All phone screens are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the latest generation.

#3 Processor and RAM: The Samsung S23 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and ultra-fast RAM

The Samsung S23 series is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which promises lightning-fast performance. This is the only processor this year for the entire line of phones. The base model has 8GB of RAM, while the top-of-the-line Samsung S23 Ultra has up to 12GB of RAM. This powerful processor and RAM ensure that the Samsung S23 series handles even the most demanding tasks with ease. They include fast DDR5 memory technology and UFS 4.0 for fast data storage.

#4 Durability: The Samsung S23 series is built for long-term use

The Samsung S23 series is designed to be durable and weatherproof. It's IP68 rated, which means it's water and dust resistant, and it's also built to withstand tough conditions. With Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection and an armored aluminum frame with increased resistance to drops and scratches, the Samsung S23 is built to last.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Not only in design, but also in other ways, Samsung phones are excellent. Photo: Samsung

#5 Battery size and charging: The Samsung S23 keeps you connected all day

The Samsung S23 series has a large battery capacity to ensure you stay connected all day long. The base model S23 is said to have a 3,900 mAh battery, the S23+ has a 4,700 mAh battery, and the top-of-the-line Samsung S23 Ultra has a 5,000 mAh battery. Both phones also support fast charging, and you can expect to go from zero to 50 on the % battery in just 30 minutes. In addition, the Samsung S23 series supports wired charging at 45 watts and can wirelessly reverse charge other devices at 4.5 watts. Wireless charging is still 10 watts.

6# Photo and video: The Samsung S23 captures stunning photos and videos

Samsung Galaxy S23 series it features an improved camera system. Basic model S22 and S23+ they have a triple camera while Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has 4 lenses. The basis for the improvements is a new 200-megapixel camera sensor, which is a big improvement over the 108-megapixel in Galaxy S22 Ultra last year. This sensor enhances the Pro-grande's night photography and allows for excellent zoom photography. Some of the new main camera features include the ability to shoot uncropped video at 8K and 30fps, and there are also plenty of software upgrades to the phone's photo modes. There is a new mode called Astro Hyperlapse, for taking pictures of the night sky, and an improved portrait mode for selfies and the main camera. You can also shoot in 50 million Expert RAW format and post-edit photos with software. The cameras also have improved optical image stabilization. This greatly affects the quality of the video as well as the photo. The selfie camera has also been greatly improved! It now has 12 megapixels for sharp and clear selfies. Super HDR is also used for the selfie camera for a more dynamic color range. Together with Galaxy Buds 2 you can capture a vivid 360-degree audio experience and take your videos to a new level.

#7 Data storage: The Samsung S23 offers enough space for your files

The Samsung S23 series will offer plenty of storage for your files and apps, with storage starting at 128 gigabytes for the base model, going all the way up to 512 gigabytes. The Samsung S23 Ultra offers up to 1 terabyte of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Samsung offers one of the largest ecosystem of devices. And all of them, without exception, are excellent in their category. Photo: Samsung

#8 Security: Samsung S23 protects your data

Samsung Galaxy S23 series includes the latest security technology to ensure your data remains safe and secure. Both phones feature a built-in fingerprint reader and facial recognition technology, which will make it easy to unlock your device quickly and securely. The phones are also secure right out of the box, with the latest version of Android built in and Samsung's security features.

#9 Superior connectivity: Samsung S23 supports the latest network technology

Samsung S23 series it supports 5G, the latest network technology that promises lightning-fast speeds and low latency. With 5G support, you can expect faster downloads and uploads, as well as improved streaming and gaming experiences. The new series also supports the WiFi 7 standard – a huge improvement over Wi-Fi 6 and 6E and can deliver up to four times faster speeds. It also includes smart advancements to reduce latency, increase performance, and increase stability and efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Photo: Samsung

#10 Price: The Samsung S23 series is accessible to a wider range of customers

Price series Samsung Galaxy S23 start at around €960 for the base model Galaxy S23. While it will be superb Samsung S23 Ultra on sale for around 1420 euros.

Series Samsung Galaxy S23 is shaping up to be one of the best phones of 2023. The Galaxy S series is always one of the best and there are no surprises this year either. With its improved design, powerful processor and advanced features, the Samsung S23 series is a must-have for every smartphone lover. With a series of innovations such as understated Samsung DEX, is probably the best Android phone.

Whether you're looking for a phone for work or play, the Samsung S23 series has something for everyone.

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