Audi Q3 with a very special backpack that doubles as a tent

At the Wörthersee 2014 motor show, Audi presented a special version of the Audi Q3 model, which is designed or equipped as the ultimate leisure vehicle. Thus, in the equipment package you also get a real inflatable tent, which forms a holiday unit with the vehicle.

The special line, or model, thus contains original accessories Audi, which in addition to the model's exterior equipment such as alloy wheels, luggage racks that contain attachments for kayaks and wheels.

It is definitely a very interesting combination.
It is definitely a very interesting combination.

It represents the essence of package equipment tent. Only this one, according to the factory, is put in earlier than 7 minutes. Testing of the tent for extreme conditions also proves that it is a serious product. Only this one should be able to withstand winds up to, without special fixing 70 km/h. Also interesting is the possibility, or the opening, which allows the car to "merge" with tents. Thus, for example, the luggage compartment of the vehicle can be used as a "wardrobe" for clothes, thus solving the space constraint.

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