Banyan Tree AlUla in Saudi Arabia is a luxury oasis and a real fairy tale in the desert

Banyan Tree AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Banyan Tree AlUla
Photo: Banyan Tree

When you think of the desert, you probably imagine endless sand dunes and a raw landscape. But in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, you're in for a real surprise. Banyan Tree AlUla is like an oasis in the middle of the desert, where tradition and luxury come together in perfect harmony. And where you will experience one of the most wonderful vacation experiences.

Driving through the valley Ashar in AlUla it's like time travel. Banyan Tree AlUla blends almost completely into the landscape, with villas almost invisible at first glance. But once inside, a world of utter luxury awaits.

The villas are bright and spacious, with a minimalist interior that soothes the soul. Each of the 47 villas offers a wonderful view of the surrounding rock formations, which have been shaped by wind and water over thousands of years. After a hot day exploring the ancient Nabatean tombs, take a dip in the private pool and relax under the starry sky.
Photo: Banyan Tree

Cool and spacious villas are like a catwalk for desert colors. Ranging in size from a compact 77 to a regal 240 square meters, these villas offer panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors. Each fairy is like an elegant lady wearing a wide hat in the shape of bat wings to protect her from the relentless desert sun. And the views? If fairies were on Instagram, they'd be getting likes like crazy. About half of the villas boast a view of the rock formations, while the others look proudly towards the Maraya, the largest mirror building in the world. Seriously, who needs a selfie when you have a view like this?

The interior of the villa is like a Zen meditation – minimalistic and calming. The ceilings mimic the stairs at the top of the Nabataean tombs in Hegra, as if to take you to heaven (or at least to heavenly comfortable beds). The color palette of sand and terra cotta serves as a canvas for works by Saudi artists that incorporate elements of local heritage such as Sadu fabrics, Bedouin clothing and indigenous plants.

Bathrooms? A warm and cozy haven where you can soak in the huge terrazzo tub. While soaking in warm water enriched with slices of oranges and lemons, I almost fell asleep, dreaming of being the citrus king in a kingdom of 200,000 citrus trees. And while each bathroom has a small brick courtyard and an outdoor shower, you might be better off showering inside if you don't want the neighbors admiring you in all your glory.

And the pools? Most of the villas boast their own pool, which reflects the surroundings like a mirror. After a hot day exploring the heritage sites, jumping into the pool is like jumping into the arms of a cold lemonade. Ah, desert bliss!

But why should you choose Banyan Tree AlUla? Simply put, AlUla is breathtaking. The hotel brings a new level of luxury to this desert land that is home 200,000 years of human history. Here you will find an oasis of 2.3 million date palms and sand tombs carved by the Nabateans.

Photo: Banyan Tree

The resort is spread over 10,000 square meters of the Ashar Valley, surrounded by unusual rocky peaks. Arriving by car along the sandy road is an experience in itself. However, the real magic is in the details. The villas are equipped with everything you need for complete relaxation, from sun terraces to fireplaces.

Ah, cuisine! Thanks to Banyan Tree's Thai roots, the Ashar Valley has become home to arguably the best Thai restaurant gem in the country called Saffron. With an entire team of chefs from Thailand, you'd think you were in the middle of Bangkok, not the desert. And while it might seem a little strange to eat green curry and tom yum goong among the sand dunes, it's like a pineapple on pizza combination - weird, but some people like it. The chefs even grow their own Thai herbs in a small garden outside the restaurant. Who would have thought that chillies and lemongrass would grow alongside date palms? And while everything here is dry, from desert to drinks, don't expect to toast with champagne here. Saudi Arabia is an alcohol-free country, so all drinks are soft. So if you thought you'd get a hangover here, you'd be wrong - unless you go overboard with the chili in your Thai curry!

And although Saudi Arabia only opened its doors to tourism in 2019, the sense of hospitality at the hotel Banyan Tree AlUla incomparable. The staff are warm and caring and each villa has its own host to attend to your every need.

Photo: Banyan Tree

For those looking for something unique, there is a resort Banyan Tree AlUla the right choice. Not only will you enjoy luxury and comfort, but you will also be a part of history that comes to life in every corner of this special placea.”

Banyan Tree Resort in AlUla it's not just another luxury hotel. It's an experience that combines history, culture and luxury in a way you won't find anywhere else. If you're looking for a perfect escape from everyday life and a trip back in time, this is the place for you.



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