Best 5G Smartphones (2019)

What are the best 5G smartphones in 2019? Here you can find a list of the currently most desirable mobile devices that support connecting to a 5G network.

Which are best 5G smartphones (2019)? Although only a select handful of places around the world have gotten their 5G network, mobile device manufacturers are already hard at work planning phones the next generation. The 5G network will not only be essential speed up data transfer, but it will also support a bunch of other future technologies, such as internet of things ("internet of things"), which means connecting all electrical devices to a common network.

In order to be able to handle such technology, we must of course have it compatible 5G devices. As for phones, we can already find some devices on the market that understand the 5G network. Let's see what they are.

And what is 5G?

In the video below, you can watch an interesting experiment by a popular vlogger, which will give you an insight into the new world of 5G.

The best 5G phones of 2019

Review of the best smartphones that already allow 5G connectivity at the end of 2019!

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The largest and most powerful member of the Galaxy S10 family

Despite the fact that we don't see a "plus" in the name, this is a 5G model even bigger from the Galaxy S10+. The screen measures just diagonally 17 centimeters (S10+ measures 16.2 centimeters), and on the back, the phone has three cameras ToF sensor, which measures depth. The galactic trio arrived on our shelves at the beginning of March this year, but unfortunately the 5G version did not arrive in Slovenia. eBay thus remains the only way to purchase.

It should also be noted that it will be forthcoming Notes10 also had his own a separate 5G version, Galaxy Fold but it should be by itself supported 5G. Samsung also announced the arrival of a mid-range phone Galaxy A90, which will also support 5G.

LG V50 Thinq 5G

The V series once again showed all that LG can do.

Another Korean who launched a 5G compatible phone for sale. As always, LG's flagship offers the most that the brand can do, and this year it does, too decision for him quite alluring. Most of all, it will be close to your heart to music lovers, as not only does it still offer 3.5mm audio output, but also contains QuadDAC, which takes music listening up a notch. At the moment it is only sold abroad, let's hope that it will soon find its way here as well. Unless it will be half a year late again like the previous model.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

The phone with the fastest screen

In its beginnings, the company was synonymous with excellent ratio between quality and price. Over the years, its price has risen a bit, but it is still lower than many manufacturers. Even the seventh edition can be done it competes smoothly with the biggest ones. A trio of cameras at the back and front camera, which is when we don't need it, hidden in the case. OLED screen that makes for smooth animations refreshes at 90Hz. And now 5G connectivity. OnePlus phones are known not to be found in stores, but online.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G

Innovative hidden front camera.

This Chinese company is becoming more and more familiar even in our homes and pockets. Portable batteries, electric scooters, smart watches, and of course also smartphones. Despite being among those cheaper, but it does not work in any way to be among those valued. Aluminum housing and glasses and a large and colorful screen. The front camera is hidden. To discover it, we must slide the back side phone upwards.

Huawei Mate 20 X (5G)

Definitely the biggest 5G phone.

X means the phone is now even bigger. Its screen measures diagonally a gigantic 18.2 centimeters. Despite the size loses some of its battery (from 5,000mAh to 4,200mAh). But that's where the differences end. Like all the phones listed above, this one cannot be bought in Slovenia, so if you want to buy it, you will have to go online.

Motorola moto z2, z3, z4

A phone that supports modular accessories, including one for 5G

There are several models, the z2 is 2 years old and the z4 is this year's. These are mid-priced phones of a brand that was once very popular here, too. Their specialty is that they can connect to themselves various accessories, from game controllers, JBL speakers and even a module that teaches the phone to understand 5G network. That's the charm of modular phones. It can be purchased on Amazon.

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