Bizarre trend from Japan: squeezing children's faces

Children's faces like rice balls

A bizarre new trend is coming from Japan: squeezing children's faces. It all started when Japanese comedian Masahiro Ehara posted a series of tweets with photos of him "shaping" children's faces into onigiri rice balls, a traditional Japanese dish. And it quickly grew into a trend that is on the one hand bizarre and on the other very endearing.

A new one is coming from Japan bizarre trend: squeezing children's faces in the shape of rice balls. It was started by Masahiro Ehara and is now spreading like wildfire. Many photos flooded the Internet small children and babies, over whose faces adult hands "come to life". The trend also got its own name, namely "children of rice balls".

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He soon jumped to the faces of adults, but the result is far from cute. However, some have also tried it on cats and dogs.

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