A black cat brings bad luck: is it true?

Photo: envato

This is not true even in my dreams. There is an International Black Cat Day, celebrated on October 27th, precisely to show people that they too can be perfect pets.

There are several arguments that dispel the prejudice that black cats bring bad luck.

The Egyptians worshiped them as gods

The ancient Egyptians held black cats in high esteem. The most famous figure from this time is the black cat Bastet, better known as the cat goddess.
Contrary to many prejudices, the ancient Egyptians had a completely different attitude towards them. All black cats were considered reincarnations of the cat goddess and anyone who molested them would be punished.

Black mischief. Photo: Ben Moll/Unsplash

Greek mythology

The roots of the superstition that black cats are harbingers of bad things and events go back to Greek mythology. Zeus's wife Hera punished the disobedient by turning them into a black cat.
In addition, legend says that the cat was banished to the underworld, as a result of which the Greeks associated it with death and misfortune.

Black color in various shades

Cat lovers have discovered as many as 22 types of black cats, of which only 1 is completely black! Most of them have patterns or spots on their fur, and some do not have completely black fur.

An elegant beauty. Photo: Madalyn Cox/Unsplash

They maintain a happy marriage

A very interesting fact is that in England, the Midlands, there is a general belief that black cats bring good luck in marriage. Because of this, black cats are often drawn on wedding invitations, as well as other things related to the wedding.

Connecting with witches

In the 17th century, the Puritans perceived black cats as the work of the devil, so they persecuted them. The women who kept them were condemned or declared witches because of this.


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