Teles Taxidi - a floating coffee table that costs a fortune

Teles Taxidi club table

Considering that a Teles Taxidi coffee table costs as much as a mid-range car, you'd expect it to at least be gold or have significant historical value. Teles Taxidi, which means the perfect journey, is neither, so it floats and thus justifies the high price.

Basic information
Siren Design Studios
Taxidi bodies
The price
28.500 €

Floating coffee table Teles Taxidi is the work of a Denver design house Siren Design Studios. Table with glass storage surface it has a bracket that hovers a few inches above the base. Hovering enables magnetism (a pair of rare earth magnets) that is strong enough not to bend even when the legs are placed on the table.

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Instead of legs, the storage surface relies on Kevlar wires, which prevent excessive tilting, but remains despite the possible load on individual ends in perfect balance. At the table, one has to fork out a fortune - almost 29 thousand euros. You can see how it works in practice in the video above.

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