Boldly going where no series has gone before: 'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy'

Paramount+ announces a new series exploring the lives of Starfleet cadets

vezdne steze: Akademija zvezdne flote
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Paramount+ confirms 'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy,' a series that delves into the adventures of a new generation of cadets as they face challenges, friendships and a formidable foe.

Paramount+ has given the green light to a new addition to the popular Star Trek franchise, officially ordering the highly anticipated series 'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.' This fresh take on the iconic universe will focus on the lives of a new class of Starfleet cadets as they embark on a journey filled with "blossoming friendships, explosive rivalries, first loves and a new enemy that threatens the Academy and the Federation itself."

Leg Landau, known for her work at 'Nancy Drew' and 'The Magicians', will join forces with the veteran producer Star Trek and franchise manager Alex Kurtzman as co-host and executive producer. The project is being developed under Kurtzman's Secret Hideout production in association with Roddenberry Entertainment and CBS Studios.

In a joint statement, Kurtzman and Landau expressed their excitement: “Admission to Starfleet Academy is now open! Explore the galaxy! Control your destiny! For the first time in over a century, our campus will reopen to welcome individuals at least 16 Earth years (or species equivalent) who dream of transcending their physical, mental and spiritual limits, who value friendship, camaraderie, honor and dedication to a cause that is greater than them.”

The statement went on to highlight the unique opportunities that await the new cadets: “The course will be rigorous, the instructors among the brightest lights in their fields, and inductees will live and study side-by-side with the most diverse student population ever. confessed.”

'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy' promises to give fans a new look at the beloved universe and introduce a new generation of visionary cadets who will shape a brighter future for all. However, fans will have to be patient as production is not expected to begin until 2024. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new series and remember, “Ex Astris, Scientia!”

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