CES 2016: SCiO, the pocket-sized scanner that measures calories in food and drink

The SCiO scanner measures the nutritional value of food

For all of you who are obsessed with calories, DietSensor has prepared the perfect gadget for you. SCiO is a scanner that measures the nutritional value of food. Wondering how many calories are sitting on your plate? Now there's no more guessing. Unveiled at CES 2016, SCiO will be especially useful for people who suffer from diabetes and need to watch their intake of certain ingredients.

"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" said the Greek physician Hippocrates. But today it is difficult to know what we really enjoy, and even declarations cannot be completely trusted. SCiO is a pocket bluetooth device, molecular sensor, which uses infrared spectroscopy, yes determine the chemical composition of food and drink. It can tell the ingredients based on how the molecules react with light. While SCiO is ear food for those who are on weight loss diets, however, the food scanner is basically created for those who suffer behind diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, to make it easier for them to stick to the prescribed food.

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The SCiO food scanner is “attached” to mobile application, which not only reveals the content of fat, calories and other elements in food, but also nutritionist, which advises how much of this type of food a person can consume in a certain period. As said, the solution will be especially welcomed by those who need to watch their intake of carbohydrates, for example. Although the scanner reads only individual foods (cheese, bread...) and is not able to determine the ingredients of the entire sandwich, the application allows manual input when it comes to more complex meals. The SCiO scanner is for sale for 230 euros, while the app is free but has to be charged 9 euros for a monthly subscription.

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