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Great news from Cinematheque Logos! Ljubljana wakes up in the spring in cinematic style, as Kino Bežigrad opens its doors after more than ten years on March 26, 2015.

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March 26, 2015 should be marked in red on the calendar. On this day, Kino Bežigrad opens its doors after 12 years. "There has been a void in Ljubljana for quite some time now, as far as film offerings are concerned. In particular, it has been happening recently that it was difficult to see any blockbusters in the Ljubljana multiplex. With friends and now also supporters of the project (Slovenian entertainers), we thought about what it would be like to go back in time, to a time when attending a film screening was a more intimate event. After thorough consideration, the decision was made - let's return to Ljubljana what belongs to it! Modern mono cinema,” explains his idea of reopening Edis Vukalić, a well-known and experienced hairdresser, who this time is facing the film world.

We are invited to Kino Bežigrad from March 26 onwards, when the film Gunman - Blood Contract (Gunman) open the door to a completely renovated hall, where we will comfortably sit on red seats and enjoy watching the latest film and theater hits. In cooperation with a special, for now still mysterious guest, the team with Edis at the helm is also preparing a special nostalgic theater program. But it is no longer a secret that it will entertain children Lucije Ćirović theater – Theater from the right pocket. Especially the youngest will come into their own at the opening of the cinema, prepared especially for them. On pancake party they will watch the animated film on March 28, two days after the first opening Home. »Let me also say at this point that we would also like to organize a pre-opening meeting with the surrounding residents, as we want the local environment to accept us as their own, as we believe that this is crucial for success," is the newly minted director of the cinema, who also confided in us that in the Bežigrad Cinema we will also witness smaller unplugged concerts, cultural events or fashion shows, and children will be able to visit workshops and entertainment corners every weekend.

And what will the new interior of the cinema be like? "For now, we can only give you a hint: the American Dream,” is the mysterious Edis. See you on March 26!

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