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The 4th short film festival is behind you, and you are preparing the fifth. What was the response and quality of the material received? Luka: Behind us, yes...That sounds good! Over 70 film and video products arrive at the festival every year, including from abroad

The 4th short film festival is behind you, and you are preparing the fifth. What was the response and quality of the material received?

Luke: Behind us, yes...That sounds good! Over 70 film and video products arrive at the festival every year, including from abroad. The quality is getting better every year. Apparently, they recognized us as a festival that wants quality and stopped sending "home" videos. We also already have a loyal audience that comes to the festival every year. Clement: But not only the audience is loyal to us, but also some creators.

Why the 600″ Film Festival? What does that mean?

Luke: We prepared the first festival with the Jarše Youth Club from Ljubljana. We called it the 600″ Amateur Film Festival. At that time, the only limitation was the length of the film 10 minutes, which is 600 seconds. Hence the number 600, which we have not removed until now due to visibility.

Why did you decide to organize such a festival?

Luke: Years ago, Klemen and I attended a summer film seminar and realized that there are a lot of people who are involved in film and video, but who have nowhere to show their products. At that time we said to ourselves, if we get twenty films, we have a festival. Here's what happened: Five days before the opening, six, maybe ten films arrived. In short, nothing! Then suddenly everything changed. Films were raining from all corners, I was called from radio, newspapers, magazines, three TV stations came... Clement: The hall in the gym was completely occupied, so in addition to the benches, we also brought in gym mats. In the end, people stood because they could no longer sit down. It was wonderful!

This year, over seventy works were submitted, and thirty-four of them made it to the finals. What was decisive in the selection?

Luke: The main guideline for the selection is to show our visitors the highest possible quality film and video products. Every year, the films go through a sieve, which has holes of different sizes. This year's festival novelty was also a two-day festival, so the "holes" were bigger this year and we were able to show ten more films than last year.

What are the restrictions on application materials?

Luke: There aren't many restrictions. The film or video product must not be more than two years old, its length must not exceed 20 minutes and the author must not yet be established.

Different genres of films competed: from animated, one-minute, video clips, experimental, feature and documentary films. You are also open to erotica. Did you receive any this year?

Luke: We even withdrew the porn film as a special category this year because we were disappointed. In all the years, we have not received a single one. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic (laughs).

What does the grand prize bring to the winner?

Luke: The winner receives a symbolic gift and a glass sculpture, which has been made by his friend Marjan Matanović for the third year. We try very hard to present the winning films and their authors even after the end of the festival. Thus, in 2006, at the invitation of the Slovenian Embassy in Poland, we toured in Warsaw, then in Brest in France and in Slovenia. We are making arrangements for Belgrade. Several films were shown at this year's Trnfest in Ljubljana. They can also be viewed on the website www.kontejnermag.com.

Next year will be the fifth festival. Is there anything special being prepared for such a number?

Luke: What will be special is that I will pay special attention to the tenders and I will pay special attention to the sponsors. We expect that, considering the 5th anniversary, for the work and effort we have invested so far, we will also be specially paid and specially rewarded (laughs) ... and we will have a very special time.

Are we Slovenians film enthusiasts?

Luke: I think that Slovenians love movies very much. Every year, the hall is full, although in May, when there is a festival, various events, concerts, festivals begin to take place.

What outcome do you want in the future?

Luke: I would like FF 600″ to grow into a multi-day festival, with a supporting program and guests. Klemen and I have a lot of ideas, as well as the will. The fact is that we are financially limited in the realization itself, and we are also both (over)worked.

What do you think about the creativity and quality of Slovenian films? What would be necessary to diversify the production of Slovenian films?

Luke: I will try to outline this with a story. Years ago, Klemen and I visited a semi-annual film seminar. A year earlier, a survey was conducted at the same seminar. On the streets of Ljubljana, people of all ages were asked which Slovenian film they liked the most. And? Keek! A film sixty years old! So answered more than 90 % respondents, in 2003! Of course, the survey covered too few people, in a few streets, etc., but the answer is still surprising. So I would like more excesses. But more money to spice things up.

Do you two also make films in your spare time?

Luke: Two years ago, my friends and I shot the movie Ujeti Zajca, directed by Luka Gluvić, Klemen took care of the tone and lighting, and I shot it myself. Gluvić got 250 euros, I had the camera, Klemen had the lights, we borrowed a microphone and started. We got up at eight in the morning, finished at one in the morning (we shot the interior after dark) and went to bed at four in the morning. Whoever was not on set was cooking or preparing the next scene. Friend and actor Gregor Zorc worked with the naturist actors all the time on the set, who also lent his weekend for filming and sleeping. He also introduced us to his wine. Some of this excellent cvička should also go to the premiere of Lapajnet's film Short Contacts, where he played Zorc. Well, we got carried away... (laughs).

Which movie or movie actor inspired you the most recently?

Luke: I don't have an actress, actor, or director chosen. But I admire quite a few of them. Watch Darwin's Nightmare directed by Hubert Sauper. Clement: Lastly, I was impressed by Menzl's I Served the King of England.

What comes next for you after watching the film?

Luke: They enjoy a beer with Dejan in the Sax pub in Eipprova, where they are friends, or visits with Fejzot and Josip in Dru poči, when the night is really dark. Metelkova is also a beautiful place. Clement: I agree with Luke's noble selection, but I also like to visit Anika's, that is, the Šank pub.

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Luka Bogovčič and Klemen Merhar

"This year, we withdrew the porn film as a special category, because in all the years we have not received a single one."

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