Crocs Nova Trek: is this the new symbol of anti-fashion?

The latest fad or just plastic in the footwear market?

Photo: Crocs / Atmos

Crocs, known for their "chic" plastic clogs, present the new Nova Trek sneaker, which tries to bring its iconic design to a more athletic audience. With a release date of March 28, 2024 and a retail price of around 110 US dollars, Crocs is betting on two color combinations: "grey/white" and "white/grey" that promise to revolutionize the footwear world​​.

When Crocs first saw the light of day at the 2002 Boat Show in Ft. Lauderdale, quickly won the hearts of a new generation with their unique approach. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what was the key to their success. Was it because of their special material - light, comfortable and easy to clean antimicrobial foam resin? Or was it their distinctive injection-molded silhouette that drew attention?

Fast forward to 2024 and imagine Crocs meets adidas adiFOM and FILA Disruptor and you get the Crocs Nova Trek. Unable to decide whether to be radical or comfortable, these shoes are clearly designed for those who want to combine fashion statements with the "comfort" of wearing Styrofoam on their feet.​​

Photo: Crocs / Atmos
Photo: Crocs / Atmos

Is the New Trek a step forward for Crocs or just another fad that will fly by like their holey predecessors? Time will tell if sneakerheads and comfort lovers around the world will embrace these foamy beauties or dismiss them as a fashion faux pas.

In a world where Crocs have become a symbol of "anti-fashion", Nova Trek seems to want to turn the tide. But the question remains: Can you really love something that looks like a cross between a spaceship and a cheese drill?

Photo: Crocs / Atmos
Photo: Crocs / Atmos

For all the Crocs fans out there waiting to wrap their feet in the latest foamy innovation, the Crocs Nova Trek sneaker has already hit the shelves Japanese Atmos stores (With a release date set for March 27, 2024 and a price tag of around $110 at exchange rates.) which is considered one of the world's street fashion hubs​​. Although their availability is currently limited to Japan, with Crocs' signature expansion strategy it seems unlikely that they will remain a Far East exclusive. Given the brand's previous success and expansion, it is expected that Nova Trek sneakers will soon appear in Western stores as well, although there has been no official confirmation yet.​​

This new move by Crocs, moving from the world of clogs to the world of sneakers with the Nova Trek, is undoubtedly aimed at redefining the image of the brand in the eyes of consumers. It remains to be seen whether these sneakers will become a new hit or remain just an interesting fashion from Japan. In any case, with the Nova Trek model, Crocs shows that it is ready to take risks and explore new possibilities in the world of footwear.

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