David Beckham wears pink Tudor: Introducing the Tudor Black Bay Chrono “Pink” watch

Limited edition for brave souls

Tudor Black Bay Chrono "Pink"
Photo: Tudor

Tudor has once again outdone itself in the world of luxury watches – this time with a bold move that is sure to attract attention. After yesterday becoming the official timekeeper for the football club Inter Miami CF, where they first presented their affection for the color pink, today Tudor surprises again. Namely, they reveal the new version of the Black Bay Chrono "Pink" watch, which in collaboration with Jay Chou celebrates the audacity of Tudor brand ambassadors.

Pink color, which many associate with tenderness, is in the world Tudor a symbol of daring and standing out. Jay Chou, one of the ambassadors, made such a strong impression on the color pink that it became his trademark. Similar to the leading cyclist in the Tour of Italy, who proudly wears a pink shirt, or David Beckham, who has incorporated pink into the aesthetics of his club Inter Miami CF, even Tudor ambassadors know that to be daring is actually to challenge established norms.

David Beckham, the world-renowned style icon, proves once again that he is a master of transcending fashion norms. His choice of pink watch Tudor Black Bay Chrono not only highlights his boldness, but also highlights how wearing the right pieces can transform the perception of color in the fashion world.

Photo: Tudor

No stranger to standout fashion choices, Beckham wears pink with a purpose. Not only does it show support for bold decisions, but it also reflects his personal story and charisma. Tudor, with a long tradition in the manufacture of watches that are a symbol of courage and adventurous spirit, with a model Tudor Black Bay Chrono “Pink” reflects these values.

With its limited edition, the Black Bay Chrono “Pink” watch does not target a wide audience, which only emphasizes its exclusivity. Tudor's history, closely linked to motoring and diving, is combined in this model into a sports chronograph with exceptional technical features such as a column wheel and vertical clutch. This isn't a watch for everyone – it's for those who dare to be different.

Tudor's partnership with Inter Miami CF reflects the brand's "Born To Dare" philosophy, which is also lived by ambassadors such as David Beckham and other co-founders of the club. They made their dreams come true by starting a club that now attracts some of the best players in the world. With its pink color and new ambassadorship, Tudor proudly expresses its bold spirit and stands out in the world of prestigious watches.

Photo: Tudor

With this, Tudor not only reaffirms itself as a brand that dares to take risks and exceed expectations, but also as an icon that combines sportsmanship, prestige and unsurpassed quality. The Black Bay Chrono “Pink” watch is further proof that Tudor truly lives up to its motto "Born for boldness".

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