DaVinci DC100 – is the most advanced motorcycle ever

DaVinci DC100 - the motor of the future

Photo: DaVinci

Experience the future of motorcycling with the revolutionary DaVinci DC100 - a smart robot on wheels with advanced technology, exceptional performance and a focus on safety. Presented at CES 2023!

DaVinci DC100 is a revolutionary electric motorcycle that is set to change the way we think about two-wheeled transportation. With more than 1000 computer chips and more than 200 advanced sensors is the DC100 a truly smart robot on wheels. These sensors and chips provide riders with a wealth of information about their surroundings, vehicle movement, road conditions and more, allowing them to make informed decisions about their riding.

One of the outstanding features DC100 is its advanced power system. When riders select a ride mode, the motorcycle activates its function Ride Assist, which controls and slowly releases speed up to a maximum of 7 km/h (4 mph) to ensure safe driving. When climbing uphill roads, the DC100 can detect the angle of the incline and automatically activate Hill Start Assist, which helps the motorcycle move forward by applying high torque at low speeds. On downhill routes, the DC100 assists riders by automatically activating hill descent control and adjusting speed to a maximum of 7 km/h (4 mph) to optimize both balance and energy return.

However, it does capacity of the DC100 they don't end there. It also has a reverse mode that calculates the most suitable torque output in the current state and releases it to the rear wheel based on the weight and grip of the tire on the road surface. This helps prevent skidding and ensures that the tire stays firmly on the ground.

In terms of safety, the DC100 is equipped with combined braking system, which physically brakes the front wheel when you pull the brake lever, and brakes the rear wheel by turning the in-wheel motor counterclockwise. This helps prevent riders from being thrown from their seats. The motorcycle also has a battery management system (BMS) that monitors battery status in real time, detects ambient temperature and regulates power consumption while riding. And its Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) can restore the vehicle's kinetic energy during braking and reduce brake pressure when the motorcycle stops suddenly.

But perhaps the DC100's most impressive feature is its Electric Power Steering (EPS), which allows the motorcycle to balance itself and stay upright when stationary. This means that riders can simply leave the motorcycle alone and it won't roll over.

With maximum torque 850 Nm, the highest speed 200 km/h, with a maximum power of 100 kW and a range of 400 km, the DC100 is a powerful engine. And with a quick charge time of just 15 minutes to reach 85% charge, and 30 minutes for a full charge with the fast charger, drivers can be back on the road in no time. If fast charging isn't available, you can also charge the DC100 using regular outlets and a portable charger, although these methods take longer.

Riders can access a range of information about their ride, including ride data and vehicle and battery status, by connecting their smartphone to the motorcycle via the Davinci app and placing it in a dedicated space on the motorcycle frame. The DC100 also has Bluetooth and NFC capabilities that allow riders to unlock the motorcycle with their smartphone.

With its advanced technology, outstanding performance and focus on security, it is DaVinci DC100 electric motorcycle, which is a game changer and sure to turn heads wherever it goes. If you are looking for the ultimate riding experience and a difference, the DC100 is the motorcycle for you.

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