Discovering Bangkok: why is The Standard Hotel more than just five stars and the "coolest" hotel in the city?!

The Standard - Bangkok - is an experience for all the senses!

The Standard
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Tired of beige colors and marble corridors in Bangkok hotels? Hotel The Standard offers you real refreshment. Enter a world where luxury is combined with art, creativity and unforgettable experiences.

Have you ever thought that a hotel could be more than just a place to spend the night? In Bangkok, the city that never sleeps, there is a hotel that has become a real sensation. No, I'm not talking about a classic luxury hotel where everything is subordinated to comfort and elegance. I'm talking about The Standard Hotel, which has become a veritable playground for fashion designers, social stars and anyone looking for something more.

Photo: The Standard

Why The Standard?

Why choose a hotel that has only been open for a few months? Because The Standard is more than just a hotel. It's an experience. It is a place where different worlds, cultures and tastes meet. From the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave the hotel, you'll experience something you won't find anywhere else.

Rooms that are like works of art: from wavy sofas to parties for four

If you thought hotel rooms were just rooms with a bed and a TV, The Standard Hotel will disappoint you. Well, it will actually impress you. The rooms are the result of a collaboration between the hotel's interior design team and Spanish custom artist Jaime Hayon. And no, you won't find here the typical Bangkok beige color and silence, broken only by the whispers of maids.

Imagine rooms that are like pages from the HAY catalog, with the addition of Spanish passion and color. There are ball-shaped lights that could easily be mistaken for miniature Death Stars from Star Wars if they were black. The sofas are wavy and upholstered in mustard yellow velor, as if they were designed by hipsters who watched too many episodes of "Friends".

Photo: The Standard
Photo: The Standard

And when we say every room is different, we mean it. Layouts range from cozy studios to penthouses that are bigger than your apartment. Some rooms open onto small balconies where you can enjoy your morning coffee and pretend you're in Paris. Others have walk-in showers and tubs that are roomy enough for a party of four. And no, we don't mean the usual card party.

Culinary experiences that exceed five stars

Hotel The Standard is not just a place to sleep; it is also a culinary center that will take you on a gastronomic journey. Let's start on the 78th floor, where a real Mexican sensation awaits you at the Ojo restaurant. Created by Mexican chef Francisco Paco Ruano, this rose-gold jewelry store opened its doors before the rooms and has already attracted Bangkok's high society. The menu includes contemporary Mexican dishes such as guacamole with ikura caviar and young coconut ceviche.

Photo: The Standard

Heading down to the lower floors, you'll find the first Thai branch of Hong Kong restaurant Mott 32. Here you can enjoy a dim sum lunch and their legendary Peking duck roasted over apple wood. Also don't miss The Standard Grill, which gives the New York institution a local twist with rotisserie chicken from Northeast Thailand and grilled crayfish.

When the sun goes down, head to the Skybeach rooftop bar for an early evening cocktail and views of Bangkok from the best vantage point. But don't stay too long; follow the city's elite to The Parlor, where the atmosphere is even more relaxed and lively.
Photo: The Standard
Photo: The Standard

So next time you're in Bangkok, remember that The Standard Hotel is more than just a five-star hotel. It is a culinary destination that offers you the opportunity to taste the best that Bangkok has to offer.

Surroundings that will not leave you indifferent

The hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok, but that doesn't mean you'll be stuck in a concrete jungle. In the vicinity of the hotel you can find many cafes, restaurants and cultural attractions that are worth a visit.


The Standard Hotel in Bangkok is not just a hotel. It is an experience not to be missed. It is a place where different worlds, cultures and tastes intertwine. It is a hotel that has become a true playground for fashion designers, social stars and anyone looking for something more. So when will you book your room?

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