Don't be afraid to do things yourself

"I like being alone."

Mitzi J Hernandez, author, bibliophile, motivator, polyglot, and self-proclaimed “evil genius,” shared an excellent piece on Thought Catalog that focuses on how a woman can navigate life on her own.


"I travel alone. I am the woman you see in a cafe drinking tea and reading a book. I'm the one who shamelessly walks out on a date and goes to a restaurant for dinner - alone. I am a woman who goes to concerts without feeling lonely. I sing from my heart and enjoy dancing and the rhythm of the music.

Over the years, I've realized that I feel great doing things on my own. Of course, sometimes it's fun to be around other people. But many people underestimate how much we can enjoy certain activities without others. Some people think that being alone and doing things alone is a bad thing. That you are anti-social or that you are a loser. There's nothing wrong with being alone.

A lot of people are afraid, they are afraid to do things, they are afraid to experience life with themselves. I have to admit that I was one of them and now I realize that I missed out on so many things because I didn't want to do them myself. If I wanted to go somewhere, say attend a concert or a party, I would always ask my friends to go with me, and if they didn't have time, I didn't go. I preferred to stay at home.

This mindset has held me back from so many things, I am now at a point in my life where nothing and no one is going to hold me back from doing anything my heart desires. Even if it means I have to do it myself.

"I like being alone."
"I like to be alone."

When I changed my mindset and started living my life the way I wanted to, I found an amazing sense of freedom. The freedom to be me. The freedom to do whatever I want. And I tell you, there is no better feeling than enjoying your company. I started doing things on my own and experienced the best things of my life. I hiked mountains, cycled, skydived, traveled the world and created unforgettable memories.

I learned to become my own best friend. I am a woman who has decided to do things on her own, and that seems completely normal to me.

Not everyone will want to go where you want to go, not everyone will have the same interests, not everyone is ready to step out of their comfort zone. Don't let these people hold you back. If they don't want to join you, then they should stay where they are. Don't put your life on hold because others aren't willing to do what you want. Don't be afraid to do things yourself.

For many people, the idea of going anywhere alone is daunting. They have a sense of shame. Don't be ashamed to go on an adventure alone. It's liberating, rejuvenating and incredibly good for your soul. When you go out into the world alone, you don't have to compromise with anyone. No need to wait for anyone. You do things whenever you want, at your own time and pace. You can talk to strangers and meet new people. The list of things you can do yourself is endless.

Being with yourself gives you the opportunity to collect your thoughts, analyze your life and make important decisions. When you do things yourself, you become self-sufficient. You are no longer dependent on anyone. You don't need anyone to make you happy because you know that you are enough on your own.

Do everything you didn't do, what you missed because you didn't have the right people by your side. Go to the museum you wanted to visit. To an art exhibition that seems boring to others. Maybe over a cup of tea – alone when no one is free to do it with you. Whatever you want, just do it.

Don't miss anything in life. Get out and make memories. Enjoy your company. Be happy with yourself.”

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