Blaupunkt ESC808 e-ski: It is an electric powered ski

Electric scooters are no longer just a curiosity. This modern electric vehicle is currently a very popular BIKE, SCOOTER AND CAR COMBINATION. It is an ideal means of transport for school or work, and driving it is real fun.

Electric scope Blaupunkt ESC808 companies Blaupunkt is a vehicle that allows young people and adults to move around the city efficiently, while at the same time providing maximum driving pleasure. The use of the highest quality components and durable stainless steel and many innovative solutions ensure long lifespan and utility of the vehicle and the ability to cover longer distances.

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The ergonomic handlebars have rubber grips, making the scooter extremely comfortable to control, and easy access to the speed dial and brake levers allow for safe acceleration and braking.


The distance that can be covered on a single charge 5.2 Ah battery, ranges from 15 to 20 km, depending on the load, the type of surface the user is traveling on and the ambient temperature. A novelty, unique in the e-mobility market, is the possibility of replacing the battery with a spare one, which doubles the distance that can be covered with the scooter. Changing the battery is quick and easy, and it can be charged when installed in the scope or separately, as it has an independent charging socket. The battery is located inside solid and stable vertical tube that protects it from damage in an accident.

Blaupunkt ESC808 - an eskiro that has a replaceable battery!
Blaupunkt ESC808 – an eskiro that has a replaceable battery!


Eskiro ESC808 is equipped with 350 W motor, which allows the shirou to reach maximum speed 25 km/h. Three-phase speed control (3 speeds) it allows drivers to control their pace and adapt it to their age and skills, making the journey safer.


ESC808 it is equipped with a rear disc brake, and the brake pedal with E-ABS ensures reliability in emergency situations and the shortest possible braking distance. In addition, as soon as the user starts braking, the last one starts LED blink.

Eskiro Blaupunkt sold by all major retailers – Big Bang, Mercury, Ideo.si, Mimovrste... For recommended price 499 euros.

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