Electric cars and winter - what you need to know?

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Winter is coming and with it certain specifics characteristic of electric cars. We checked how we can avoid certain inconveniences!

Cold weather can drastically reduce battery capacity in electric cars. A test by the Norwegian Automobile Club NAF shows that the range is reduced by up to a third in winter. What can you do about it? We have collected some tips that will help you extend the range of your car.

Preheating the car

If it is cold, warm up the electric car before starting, if possible with pre-conditioning. Then the energy for it comes from the domestic power grid instead of the battery.

Photo: envato elements

Targeted heating of the car

It is best to heat precisely: instead of spending a lot of energy to heat the entire interior, it is better to turn on the heating of the seats and the steering wheel. Then the heat is where it is needed. In addition, heating the air uses much more electricity than heating the seats and steering wheel. If you want to remove ice from the windows, turn on the window heating instead of ventilation. This saves electricity. And if you use an air conditioner, choose the air circulation function. Otherwise, cold air is supplied from outside – and heated with a lot of energy. And use the function of heating only part of the cabin if only this part is available.

Heat Pump

Many electric cars also have a heat pump. It makes the remaining heat from the environment useful for heating and is thus a more efficient system than air heating. Especially for more expensive models, the heat pump is part of the standard equipment or it can be ordered for around 1000 euros. However, it cannot be retrofitted. When buying a car, you must pay attention to the fact that the car has a heat pump.

Use “Eco Mode”

In addition to sports driving programs, many electric cars also have an "eco mode". It throttles power when starting and accelerating. This reduces consumption and increases range. In addition, the “One Pedal” mode increases the recuperation component (brake energy recovery). And of course not only in winter: predictive driving not only improves safety, but also increases range.

Charging immediately after driving

In winter, it is best to charge the battery as soon as you arrive: it is still warm then and charges more gently and faster. If the car is idle for more than twelve hours, its battery level should be between 40 and 80 percent. If you want to use the full power at a fast charger, you need a certain temperature of the battery, which means that it needs to be preheated. However, not every electric car has this feature.

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