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Electric cars are more expensive than classics!

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In the first serious episode of the "My First Electric Car" video series, I fully address the myth that we all believe. I was a true believer myself! The myth that electric cars are more expensive than conventional cars with an internal combustion engine. I will prove that this is not true already in 2022!

On the basis of comparisons and various calculations, I will prove that already in 2022, electric cars are no more expensive than comparable internal combustion cars. In doing so, I will not use tax tricks, subsidies from others and Ukans. This time we will only analyze the publicly announced prices and compare cars based on them. And comparable data.

Video: Electric cars are cheaper than classic cars: the secret of the auto industry!

At the same time, I am starting to reveal the real reasons why I decided to buy my first electric car in 2022. I'm just not rich enough to afford a different car.

Podcast: My First Electric Car

You will be able to follow the series of video episodes on City Magazine Slovenija, info channel T2 and on all my social channels. Supposedly every Sunday at 6 pm to 3.7. with a continuation in the autumn term.

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