Extravagance and speed: Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition in a limited series of 100 “pieces” only for collectors

The Alpine champion returns with the most powerful, collector's edition

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Alpine once again hit the middle of the target and impressed collectors around the world. After a famous and historic appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they even achieved overall victory in 1978, the French have decided to celebrate their past and future participation in this world-famous race with a unique edition of the A110 R model, called the 'Le Mans Edition'. Not only have they designed a car that pays homage to its roots, but they have also managed to avoid the pitfalls of excessive sentimentality.

Looking at Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition you quickly notice that it is something special. The Le Mans edition brings aesthetic changes in the form of a white body with blue accents, including a double stripe that runs the length of the body. Matching wing end caps and wheel trim are added, while the rear deck gets a more prominent central stabilizer bar. This, as Alpine says, is a tribute A480 racing car. Le Mans badges have also been added to the front spoilers, door sills and headrests. The sun visor is laser-engraved with the outline of the racetrack, and the plaque bears witness to the fact that it is going for one in 100 cars.

Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition
Photo: Alpine

The upgrades don't just stop at the looks. Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition retains carbon fiber on the hood, roof, bonnet, rear wing and wheels, but the Le Mans Edition gains what Alpine calls 'Road & Track shock', which lowers the car and hardens it by five percent. The existing suspension settings are also redesigned compared to the standard model.

Photo: alpine

All customers Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition they get additional benefits. These include access to facilities Alpine Elf Endurance Team in 2024 and the opportunity to drive around the racetrack Le Mans on the morning before the start of the race.

In addition, this special edition follows A110 R Fernando Alonso, which is available in a limited edition for just 148,000 euros, which is much more than the 105,000 euros that the standard R version costs. The Fernando Alonso model is available in a limited series 32 pieces, which represents the number of wins in Grand Prix of this Formula 1 veteran.

Photo: Alpine

The exterior of this special edition is exclusively matte blue, with Alonso's signature on the rear side window. The racer's motto is written on the sun visor: "There are several ways to the top of the mountain.

Under the hood of each A110 R, including these special editions, has a beating heart in the form of a turbocharged four-cylinder 1.8-liter engine that produces 300 horsepower and 339 Nm of torque. The extensive use of carbon fiber helps keep weight down as the car weighs only 1081 kg, which is 34 kg less than the other versions. This setting allows the car to accelerate up to 100 km/h 3.9 seconds and maximum speed 285 km/h.

Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition in a limited series of 100 "pieces"

Now when it comes to the bookings that start June 8, is to be expected all 100 units sold out instantly. Those lucky enough to obtain the keys to this miracle will have the right to brag about owning a car that is both a tribute to a legend and a prediction of the future.

Alpine A110 R Le Mans Edition promises to be an exciting ride, giving us a glimpse of what the future of this icon can be expected to look like. As they say, there is power in the details, and this is especially true of this limited edition, where every line, every piece tells a story about the brand and its racing heritage.

Some might say that a car is just a means of transportation. However, when you get behind the wheel of the Alpina A110 R Le Mans Edition, you quickly realize that it is something more. It's an experience that goes beyond just driving. It is a journey into the past, present and future of motoring.

And in the end, isn't that what a true sports car is all about?

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