FELO M-One: This folding mini e-bike is simply outstanding

Electric folding motorcycle

Felo M-One
Photo: FELO

FELO's M-One electric motorcycle is a foldable, lightweight and flexible option for daily commuting and short trips. With a range of 100 km and a weight of only 37 kg, this mini moped is set to conquer the world.

FELL, a renowned motorcycle company, has just unveiled its latest innovation, the M-One, a compact electric motorcycle that folds up in seconds and can easily be stored in the trunk of a car. Designed as an “occasional mini moped”, this lightweight, foldable e-motorcycle is perfect for daily rides and short trips. The M-One recently debuted at the 50th Tokyo Motor Show, where it showcased its extreme portability and functionality.

According to the data FELO M-One weighs only 37 kg (81 lbs) and boasts a rated power of 400 watts, a maximum output of 1 kilowatt and a range of 100 km (62 miles). Its compact size and lightweight construction make the mini moped ideal for overland trips that require a more portable and mobile vehicle.

Photo: FELO
FELO M-One it has a built-in magnesium-aluminum alloy frame that adds to its robustness. The flat handlebars are designed to flip down and fit seamlessly into this dedicated space in the motorcycle body. When folded, the FELO M-One stands at just 56 cm (22 inches) tall, making it incredibly easy to store.

By considering the possibility of customization, it is FELL included “development spaces” around the M-One where drivers can add accessories such as Bluetooth speakers or additional headlights. Two color schemes are available: a bright yellow cube with grill design elements and a gray pixelated version for a modern look.

Zhang Jingyi, founder and CEO of FELO Technology, highlights the M-One's two main selling points: its foldable capacity and external discharge function. The M-One can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car or attached to the tail of an SUV. In addition, it has a 220V, 50Hz household AC power adapter with two-way charging and discharging functions, which meets most car enthusiasts' needs for outdoor entertainment power.

FELL has announced the price of the M-One for the Japanese market at ¥380,000 (about $2,800 USD or €2,570 at current exchange rates). The company plans to start shipping units of this mini electric motorcycle in the fourth quarter of 2023. Keep an eye out for this foldable, flexible and ultra-portable electric moped when it hits the market.

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