First HR.Weekend in Rovinj: festival program

From 21 to 24 September 2023

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What is the purpose of the first HR.Weekend? Labor shortages have a strong impact on business operations. One of the latest challenges facing companies is the recruitment of foreign labor in all sectors - from low-skilled jobs to those requiring specific skills. How companies integrate foreign workers and whether a more systematic approach to this issue is possible is a topic that is current in public discourse.

It was announced at HR.Meetup in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj program of the first HR.Weekend, which will take place from September 21 to 24 in the frame Weekend Media Festival. Current topics in the field of human resources management, viewed from a different perspective, which questions existing practices and opens up new possibilities, will be presented by international and domestic experts.

Year after year, technology brings massive changes, both socially and in the workforce. This year, artificial intelligence played a key role in shaping everyday life and business. In today's increasingly digitized world, the way human resources are managed is also changing. On the panel RE-imagining HR – “back to human” in a world of Generative AI will be panelists Asmus Comm, a partner in the German office of McKinsey & Company, and Florian Pollner, a partner in McKinsey's Switzerland office, shared her experiences of maintaining humanity and a personal approach in the corporate world, where artificial intelligence is gaining an ever-increasing role. A famous neuroscientist dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, who has been using neuroscience in business and education for more than 15 years, will share his experience working with leading brands such as IKEA, IBM, JTI, Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca, T-Mobile, Pierre Fabre, Coca-Cola and many others, on the panel "It's not you, it's your brain".

Today's world is fast-changing and dynamic, which brings challenges that are often hidden but have a strong impact on the work environment. The state of exhaustion and stress in the workplace is increasingly present in all industries, but it comes almost imperceptibly and insidiously. A Croatian clinical psychologist will talk about what burnout means and how it is expressed in different generations prof. dr. Nataša Jokić Begić. Although this is the first edition of HR.Weekend, there will be no shortage of renowned experts. He is also among them Munawar Ahmed, who teaches teams how to operate efficiently and humanely as a guest lecturer at Stanford. On the panel "The generation that changes everything - is it asking too much or raising the standards?", experts will discuss how to attract, motivate and retain one of the most dynamic generations in the labor market, Gen Z. Young people are not only changing the world, but also setting new standards for organizations. The import of foreign workers brings many changes in the perspectives and approaches of organizations, which will be on the panel "Will the integration of foreign workers change us?" illuminated Antea Popović, HR director at Victus Group, Tina Turk Lupieri, Director of Human Resources at Maistra Hospitality Group, Stjepan Jagodin, director at Pinoy385 and Marina Jurić, Director of Human Resources at Aminess Hotels & Resorts.

They will also enrich the program Tanja Bulbuk Jergović, Vice President of Human Resources at Infinium, and Ana Petrović, the regional manager of Endava HR, who will be on the panel "Not everything went as we wanted" talked about the challenges HR professionals face in creating a productive and safe work environment.

Ana Petrović

This year's HR.Weekend it brings a wide range of representatives from different sectors, creating the right balance between different perspectives and experiences. The presence of representatives of the IT industry provides insight into the dynamics of rapid technological progress and its impact on human potential. A scientist Boris Jokic and Nataša Jokić Begić will emphasize the importance of continuous development and education of employees so that companies can remain competitive in the modern business world. Retail and hospitality offer insights into managing teams in industries where customer interaction is key. Telecommunications reveal to visitors a world of rapid change and emphasize the necessity of adaptability. The program will also include consultants who offer a broader perspective, bring valuable insights and present solutions useful in human resource management.

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