S-BIKES folding electric bike from Slovenia

The S-BIKES folding electric bike comes from Slovenia

The Slovenian brand S-BIKES shows a new direction of urban mobility with its innovative concept. The electric folding bike responds to the needs of modern mobility with a product that is a design icon, combines high-quality components and opens up new possibilities of use.

Electric bikes represent a new trend in urban mobility. Increasingly busy city centers, the need to move and the desire for freedom are the main factors for the strong growth of this type of industry. Slovenians are also joining the modern trend with their own brand S-BIKES, which was developed by the company Špan doo Their first product – S-BIKES Smart 01 is already available to the first Slovenian buyers at a promotional price 999 euros.

Who did you spot earlier? Cute e-bike or cute girl?
Who did you spot earlier? Cute e-bike or cute girl?

S-BIKES Smart 01 changes the way you look at using a bike. The frame of the electric bicycle is foldable. A folded bike thanks to the light frame of the bicycle, it can be stored in practically any trunk of a passenger vehicle or even folded under the desk in the office. The bike frame has a built-in Samsung battery (7800 Ah, the charging time is 5 hours), which allows charging via a normal electrical outlet. Battery can also be charged separately from the bike. By merit powerful engine and electronics helps the cyclist to 65 kilometers of destinations. It boasts seven gears and a gearbox Shimano.

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Thanks to the USB socket, S-BIKES enables you to charge your smartphone.
Thanks to the USB socket, S-BIKES allows you to charge your smartphone.

A bike S-BIKES Smart 01 has five modes of operation, which are easily selected by the user via the controller Eco-Sport. In eco mode, the maximum range of the bike is adjusted, while the sports mode allows adrenaline-fuelled acceleration. Additional usability of the bike is also provided by the standard built-in USB socket, which enables the charging of electrical devices such as mobile phones, navigation devices or laptops.

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