HONOR Magic5 Lite: Experience incredible speeds and seamless multitasking with RAM Turbo technology

HONOR Magic5 Lite
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The HONOR Magic5 Lite smartphone takes multitasking to new heights thanks to its innovative RAM Turbo technology. Experience seamless app switching, reduced latency and longer battery life in this powerful yet affordable device.

HONOR Magic5 Lite is proof of HONOR's commitment to cutting-edge technology. This latest addition to the high-end Magic series brings users the latest HONOR innovations, with HONOR's RAM Turbo being the standout feature. This advanced memory solution boosts performance, enables smooth switching between applications and was previously exclusive to flagship smartphones, but is now available in the HONOR Magic5 Lite model.

RAM Turbo works by converting a small portion of the phone's memory into RAM, preventing background processes from interrupting when users switch between apps, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience. By optimizing RAM usage and compressing background apps, the device can maintain multiple active apps without sacrificing performance. For example, on the HONOR Magic5 Lite with 6 GB of RAM, RAM Turbo technology provides an equivalent experience as with an additional 5 GB of RAM.

A key advantage RAM Turbo technology is a reduced delay when using multiple applications at the same time. This technology allows users to easily switch between apps without having to wait for apps to reload or open. In addition, RAM Turbo supports multiple apps in the background, reducing the need to restart apps and saving valuable time.

Photo: Honor

HONOR-'s RAM Turbo technology also addresses the degradation of universal flash storage (UFS) due to repeated read and write operations. To mitigate the impact on RAM lifetime and prevent excessive memory usage, HONOR has developed its own optimization engine. This engine intelligently identifies hot and cold data pages based on user behavior, implementing different compression and extraction strategies for different applications.

Photo: Honor

Another important advantage of RAM Turbo technology is the optimization of battery life. By compressing and keeping apps active in the background, they consume less power compared to restarting every time the user switches apps. RAM Turbo technology eliminates the need to manually close applications, contributing to longer battery life.

RAM Turbo technology can fundamentally reshape the smartphone landscape by offering users an ingenious solution for expandable random access memory. In an industry where users demand superior performance and a seamless user experience, HONOR RAM Turbo technology is an important addition that enables faster application usage without restarting and ensures smoother operation.

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HONOR's RAM Turbo technology represents a significant advance in the smartphone industry, offering users a faster, more efficient and simpler experience. This is an essential feature for those who rely heavily on their smartphones. If you're looking for a new phone, it is HONOR Magic5 Lite definitely worthy of attention. Packed with features including RAM Turbo technology, it's the perfect choice for those looking for a high-end smartphone without breaking the bank.

Experience unhindered mobile performance with HONOR RAM Turbo

HONOR Magic5 Lite powered by the latest mobile platform Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 695 5G, delivers robust performance in productivity and entertainment applications. The user experience is further enhanced by HONOR's RAM Turbo feature, which allows the smartphone to use part of its memory as RAM, keeping more apps active for more efficient multitasking.

HONOR Magic5 Lite it runs on Magic UI 6.1 based on Android 12 and features Anti-Aging technology that minimizes performance degradation and provides a consistent and intelligent user experience. With functions HONOR Share and Multi-screen Collaboration HONOR Magic5 Lite enables fast file transfer and efficient multitasking between HONOR devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, providing users with unparalleled productivity.

And the price. At the largest retailer in the world, you can buy it for around 300 euros and get it delivered in just a few days.

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