Horoscope: this is how individual astrological signs arrange their homes

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Do you like a room full of small details? Maybe blue walls? Or minimalism, less is more?

Your astrological sign affects the way you think, as well as your taste and the way you arrange your home.

Your astrological sign can be a guide and a source of ideas on how to decorate the living space in the right way and add the missing detail in it.


Aries need variety, something as happy, crazy, free as they are. They are brave, they are not afraid to experiment when it comes to decorating a room. Therefore, it is recommended to add colorful pillows, pictures, photos, candles, but in the same tone, so that everything fits nicely.


Taurus will like natural materials and neutral colors the most in his home. We recommend that you take care of high-quality wooden furniture and decorate the rooms with as many plants as possible, so you will feel closer to nature. It will also be extremely pleasant if the view from the window overlooks the forest and the lake.

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Geminis don't like to stick to just one style. The aesthetics of the room are important to them, but it is also important for them that the room is practical. Only home decoration should be multifunctional. The living room can also be a gym, a bedroom and a study... each space can be used in different ways.


Cancer is a dreamer by nature, so his space must be such that he can dream comfortably in it. You will get such an atmosphere with countless candles, comfortable pillows, soft carpets. Fill the space with details that have sentimental meaning to you.


Minimalism does not suit them. Leftists go to the other extreme - maximalism. Everything in their home reflects their personality. In their space you will come across a lot of colors, different patterns, they like a little eccentric style, but they all fit together perfectly.

Less is more. Photo: R Architecture / Unsplash

A virgin

For virgins, it is known that it is extremely important for them that the room is perfectly organized. Everything has to be in its place, everything has to make sense. In addition, they are an earth sign, so they prefer earthy tones and neutral colors that are not flashy. They appreciate minimalism and the Scandinavian style of home decoration.


Libra likes to socialize with people and likes to be a host. Each scale will have a separate guest room if possible. Therefore, she will always have extra bedding, extra chairs, one extra bed. It might look a little crowded if they don't have a big apartment, but it will always be a welcoming atmosphere.


Scorpio loves his privacy, and if he doesn't live alone, he will create his own corner. Maybe he will enclose his bed with a shelf, he will find a way to divide the room to isolate himself. And if he has complete control over a space, he will redistribute that space so that each part and each function of the space is separate.

You want to have your own place to rest or work. Photo: Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash


A Sagittarius will very rarely opt for white walls, as white walls are boring to him. They like patterns to make the space fun. This will be achieved by decorating the walls with wallpaper. But we recommend the ones that can be easily peeled off, because soon he will want to try something else.


It is important for him to get used to one look of the room. Capricorns will not follow design trends, but will first choose a traditional, serious style. They will not like the cheerful colors, the mix of style. Everything is in its place for a reason. They know every little thing in their apartment very well.


They would rather live in an antique furniture store and buy art. He is unique and wants his home to be like that. We recommend that you decorate your home with unique, handmade decorations, preferably ones that you have made yourself.

White is your color. Photo: Zac Gudakov / Unsplash


Pisces will like the rounded arrangement the most, as it gives a dreamy atmosphere. This sign will like a white rounded, soft sofa that looks like a cloud. They artistically decorate the home and perfectly combine creativity and comfort.

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