How do I clean my computer keyboard? In other words, simple tricks to clean your computer keyboard!

Tips for cleaning your keyboard effectively

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After the phone, the computer keyboard is one of the most frequently touched surfaces, which means that a lot of bacteria accumulates on it. The keyboard is more difficult to clean because of the keys, cracks and sensitive electronic parts. So how to easily clean a computer keyboard?

Are you wondering how to clean your computer keyboard first?

So if you want to extend the life of your computer and protect against bacteria, you should clean the keyboard regularly. Indeed, some research has shown that it even has more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Of course, you have to be careful how you do it so as not to damage the functions, so instead of cleaning agents, just use a hair dryer, cloth and alcohol.


Keyboard cleaning procedure

To remove debris, dust, and other debris, first turn off the computer and disconnect all wires. Turn on the hair dryer and set the option to blow only cold air into it. Hold the dryer on each side of the keyboard for a few seconds and when you see that there are no more crumbs and other dirt, you can proceed with further cleaning.

Take it dry microfiber cloth and wipe the monitor screen with gentle movements. Then apply a few drops of alcohol on the ear stick and swipe it across the keyboard to remove any greasy spots you couldn't remove with a hair dryer. Using a cotton swab, first check how the alcohol will react on the keys. Certain keys, which do not have the best quality print, can tolerate alcohol very poorly. In these cases, of course, cleaning with alcohol is omitted. That's when cleaning with something comes into play drops of water and detergent. Now happy to go to work!

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