How to eliminate chapped and dry lips?

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Are your lips chapped, dry and sore? There are several reasons why.

Dry lips are a common problem, especially in winter. They can be the result of external factors, the natural composition of the skin, as well as some bad habits that you can change.

Why is the problem of dry lips so common?

One of the main differences between the skin on the lips and the rest of the body is that the skin on the lips is much thinner.

The problem arises because the lips do not contain glands, located elsewhere on the skin. As a result, they dry out and crack more, as they do not have natural oils to keep them soft and smooth.


Cold weather, high temperatures, a decrease in air humidity due to staying in heated rooms and the habit of licking the lips further contribute to their drying.

A lack of vitamins can cause the problem of dry lips

Vitamin B2 is necessary for cell function and healthy lip skin. To compensate for its lack, introduce foods rich in vitamin B2, such as eggs and lean meats. A lack of zinc and iron is also linked to the problem of dry lips, so supplement your diet with green and leafy vegetables, to keep your balance.

A healthy diet will have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body, as well as on your general health.

Licking your lips dries out your skin

When you feel that the skin on your lips is tight and dry, you lick them to relieve this discomfort. Wetting them with your tongue provides momentary relief and comfort, but constant licking only makes the problem worse.


The moisture that evaporates from the skin's surface further dries it out - so try to become aware of this habit and when you find yourself licking your lips, stop.

Fragrant ingredients in the balm

If you regularly care for your lips with balm, but you still have problems with them, check the ingredients of the balm you are using. Some contain ingredients that can dry out the skin. Dermatologists advise that if you have problems with dry lips, you should avoid lip balms that have a strong taste and smell.

But you could also be allergic to the products you use.



If your body is not hydrated enough, i.e. if you do not consume enough water, this can reflect on your skin in general and increase the problem of dry lips. Dry and chapped lips are a sign that you need to increase your water intake - the lack of minerals is visibly reflected on the sensitive skin of the lips.

The problem of dry lips, especially in corners of the mouth, it could be a sign that your body is producing too much yeast or that you have an infection and may need special treatment or an antibiotic.

A good balm contains essential oils and a protective factor against UV radiation, vitamins and other nutrients.

Multipurpose high-quality balms contain shine and are made in different shades, so you can completely replace lipstick with the right foundation in winter. There are also products with a multi-hour effect that are used for night care of the lips to prevent drying.

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