IKEA presents the IKEA Brännboll play furniture collection, which blends seamlessly with modern interiors

A new approach to play spaces

IKEA Brännboll
Photo: Ikea

With the new IKEA Brännboll collection, IKEA is transforming the space of video game players to make it more accepting and comfortable even for family members or friends who are not game enthusiasts. By choosing lighter colors and multifunctional furniture, the collection blurs the lines between play and living space.

IKEA is known for its Scandinavian design, and with the new IKEA Brännboll collection, it focuses on players who want to integrate their gaming stations into everyday living spaces. The collection includes 20 items, from tables and chairs to various storage solutions and accessories, characterized by soft colors inspired by street sports and athleisure trends.

Photo: IKEA

Among the most interesting pieces is definitely a gaming station that folds into a modern cabinet after use, which allows the gaming space to be miraculously "hidden" when not in use. There's also a folding recliner that stretches out into a lounger, ideal for long hours of fighting games, and a rocking chair that moves with your body's movement for maximum in-game comfort.

Photo: IKEA

In addition, the collection offers an inflatable donut-shaped chair with a matching stool, suitable for more relaxed gaming sessions, and a movable side table with a perforated adjustment panel that holds handheld devices, game controllers and even a popcorn basket.

Photo: IKEA

The aim of this collection is not only attract players, but to offer furniture that is attractive even to those who do not enjoy games. So it seems, yes IKEA with Brännboll, he really embraces the idea that games are for everyone and that a play area can be part of every home.

Photo: IKEA

Pricing information and availability of the collection are not yet known, but it is scheduled for release in September this year. More details on the exact release date and availability could be revealed in the coming months before the official release. When the Brännboll collection hits the market, it is sure to appeal to both gaming enthusiasts and those looking for functional and aesthetic furniture for their home.

Photo: IKEA

Brännboll collection represents a breath of fresh air in the world of play furniture, and with it IKEA proves once again that aesthetics and functionality can be combined in ways that exceed expectations and create a space where everyone can feel at home.

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