The illusion of floating above the majestic Rocky Mountains

We can now see the Canadian Rockies in a very special way. In the heart of the beautiful mountains, the Glacier Skywalk, a vertiginous viewing platform, was opened these days, offering a wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful Sunwapta Valley.

Viewing platform Glacier Skywalk is something special as it rises a dizzying 275 meters above the Sunwapta Valley and stretches 30 meters across the rocks. Located in Canada's Jasper National Park, the boardwalk winds along the canyon wall and offers a magnificent bird's-eye view. Built on rough terrain with its steel structure, decorated with glass and wood, it acts as an echo of the natural environment, as the absence of toxic paints and similar coatings enables the project to have a minimal carbon footprint and thus to be classified as environmentally conscious.

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