Instagram trend: Sexy men and a cup of coffee #menandcoffee

Instagram has been flooded with a new trend that combines two very desirable things - attractive men and coffee. On the Men & Coffee Instagram profile, we find a treasure trove of photos showing charming men in the company of fragrant cups of coffee. The next time you catch a man enjoying a cup of coffee, don't forget to tag #menandcoffee...

Instagram has been flooded with a new mix that we can sip on for days. It's a new trend, which was started at Men & Coffee, an online store that offers t-shirts, mugs and similar trinkets with popular coffee sayings. Instagram profile Men & Coffee already has almost 100 thousand followers, which is completely understandable considering the attractive content. Who can resist looking at the charming men who (even without above) are looking seductively from behind fragrant cups of coffee? Men, watch out! Next time you're taking a coffee photo for Instagram, don't forget to tag #menandcoffee…

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