Is it possible to stay madly in love?

Is it possible to remain madly in love even after ten, twenty or fifty years of a partner relationship? What do brain scans say?

It's no secret that romantic love is a construct of modern society, which is supposed to create order and prevent polygamy, so the question is whether it is maybe stay madly in love in a partner even after you get to know all the dark sides of his being?

Thanks to the neurological research of scientists, we are closer to the answer to this complex question – released years ago research namely, scientists determined which parts of the brain are associated with long-term romantic love. They compared brain scans of individuals who have been married for several years (10 women and 7 men, who have been married for an average of 21 years) and persons who have just now madly in love. And what happened? The results showed that both groups in certain parts of the brain activated the same fields, and this could answer why certain couples remain madly in love even after decades of being a partner.

Strong romantic love is said to include five parameters, namely:

  • longing for closeness
  • attention,
  • improved energy, when you are with your partner
  • motivation to do things that make your partner happy
  • sexual attraction and thinking about your partner when you are apart.

In order to investigate to what extent these parameters can really remain in the brain even after a long-term relationship, the scientists instructed all participants in the research to by recording their brains, they look at photos of their partners. The brain activity of the participants are then compared with the results individuals who reported being madly in love with their partner in the past year. While recording the brain, the scientists paid attention to a part of the brain called ventral tegmental area (English VTA), which is also called the organ with which we love. And what did they find?

What do you say, is it possible to stay in love forever?
What do you say, is it possible to stay in love forever?

Is it possible to stay madly in love?

The results showed that the feeling of being madly in love it can last even in a long-term relationship. Scientists say they have found many similarities in the brain (mainly in the VTA section) between those who have just fallen in love and individuals who have been in a partnership for several years.

VTA is supposed to be like this responsible for romantic love, but it is interesting that the activity in this part of the brain was higher in those individuals who also achieved high results on other tests about being in love, even if they had been in a relationship for several years. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that activity in areas rich in dopamine (responsible for rewards and motivation), they respond primarily to rewards, such as food, money, cocaine and alcohol. By this they mean that the mad infatuation will last so long, as long as the VTA part of the brain feels rewarding and motivation in relationship and because of relationship.

Love is all about rewarding.
Love is all about rewarding.

What results did the parameters of crazy romantic love show?

Romantic love is said to stimulate activity in areas of the brain that are rich in dopamine – as long as you feel rewarding and motivated, romantic love will create longing for closeness feeling of attachment motivation to socialize, thoughts about partner relieves pain 

Among other things, participants who are in a long-term relationship also reported that they have strong sexual attraction and sexually activity – this is supposed to be connected to the part of the brain called left posterior hippocampus. The results showed that in individuals who had a strong level of attraction, the activity in these parts of the brain was also stronger, which was not the case in the case of people who are newly in love! This proves that develops a sense of passion and desire and keeps love strong, who is a newly in love person they can't know yet.

Research has proven that crazy romantic love It CAN maintain and it is for this in dopamine is largely responsible, that is, activities in a partnership relationship that motivate and reward you. How does this work?
The human brain views long-term crazy romantic love as goal-directed behavior to achieve a specific reward (the reward may include a reduction in anxiety and stress, a sense of security, a state of calm, a bond with another person...). Rewarding makes the other person a part of you and that's when you both start to pass from the phase of infatuation to the phase of love, as a result of which the connection between you also grows. If you persistently perform actions that make each other happy, as a result you improve the relationship, maintain it and prove that it is possible to stay madly in love. Are you too?

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