The grill is a breeding ground for bacteria: clean the grill with this ingredient and the grease will disappear in an instant

How to clean the grill!?

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Are you ready for the fast approaching picnic season? When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your grill?

Have you cleaned the grill yet?

The spring months bring plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, which is barbecue one of the most popular. However, before the first picnic, it is important to take care of the cleanliness of the grill, as dirt and food residues can become source of bacteria, which endanger health.

Cleaning the grill may sound like a tedious task, but it is crucial to ensure safe and effective use.

Before placing the meat on the grill, we must perform a task that is often overlooked, thorough cleaning of the grill.

Bake on a clean grill. Photo: Postiglioni / Pexels

How nice it would be if I could with everyone removed pieces of old fat and with every swept coal washed away the troubles of the past year, preparing for fresh, new beginnings! And that's exactly what we do when we clean the grill, preparing to celebrate life and the good times ahead.

It's time to ditch your old grill cleaning habits

A dirty grill can become a breeding ground for bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, which can be transferred to meat and other dishes during cooking, which can seriously endanger your health. Doctors especially point out the dangers posed by an improperly maintained grill, as it can lead to various nutritional diseases.

Regular and thorough cleaning of the grill not only reduces the risk of health problems, but also extends the life of the grill itself. It is recommended to remove food and grease residues after each use to prevent corrosion and maintain optimal performance of the grill.

An innovative method of cleaning the grill using beer

Cleaning expert Cris Bonet suggests an unusual but effective method for cleaning your grill using beer. According to his instructions, it is necessary to first heat the grill for ten minutes, and then pour beer over it. The alcohol and acids in beer help break down fat, which makes cleaning easier.

Beer. Photo: Postiglioni / Pexels

For removing more stubborn residues is recommended to use metal wire or cleaning brush. It is important to wear protective gloves to protect your hands from possible injuries. After scrubbing, the grill should be thoroughly rinsed with hot water to remove all dirt and beer residue.

Cleaning the grill is not only a necessity, but also an important part of preparing for the picnic season.

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