Do you know that the month of your wedding determines the fate of your marriage?!

When to say "yes"?!

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Is there a right time of the year that can bring good luck or bad luck to a marriage? Some believe that the month of marriage can affect everything from harmony to financial stability in a marriage.

A wedding is a turning point in the life of every couple, full of hopes, dreams and traditions. Traditional beliefs often connect the fate of marriages with the month in which the union is concluded.

This belief has its roots in ancient times, when people lived in close contact with natural cycles and observed how they affected their lives.

When planning a wedding, we usually think about choice dresses, perfect location, and, of course, ideal date. This date is not just a number on a calendar; for many couples, it represents a symbolic link between their love and the cosmic forces that rule the universe.

In various cultures around the world, from ancient China to medieval Europe, people believed that choosing the right month for the wedding it not only affects the success of the wedding day, but also decisively shapes the course and quality of the marriage. These deeply rooted beliefs are a reflection of man's desire to harmonize with natural rhythms and seeking harmony in relationships.

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The importance of the month in traditional beliefs

Time is more than just the measure of a clock; it is also the symbolic bearer of the qualities attributed to it by nature and humanity. Each month of the year carries its own unique energy and symbolism, which can be reflected in an individual's life experiences.

For example, the spring months symbolize new life and renewal, while winter represents rest and introspection. In the context of marriages, this natural cyclicality can offer insight into the dynamics and expectations of marriage.

Month of marriage, overview and their meaning


According to legend, wedding ceremonies in January were fraught with bad omens, as they could lead to early widowhood. Nevertheless, some Slovenian nations liked to organize weddings in winter, perhaps because of the peace that winter brings.


February weddings promise harmony and longevity of marriage, regardless of the cold that still prevails at this time.


For couples getting married in March, there is a possibility that they will move to a foreign country. This is often the month of international unions where one of the partners leaves the home country.

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April can bring instability and dramatic relationship changes, but spring is a time of awakening and renewal, which can symbolize a new beginning.


May is a controversial month for weddings, as some beliefs predict problems and trials. Nevertheless, May is popular for its beauty and freshness.


The beginning of summer, June, is the ideal time for a wedding, as it promises understanding and harmony between the two partners. Also known as the honeymoon month.


July is not the most popular month for marriage, as it can bring unfavorable results, depending mainly on the financial situation of the couple.


August is considered a month that brings happiness to marriage, as it allows partners to become good friends and enjoy mutual understanding.


Weddings in September promise stability and a peaceful family life full of love and mutual respect.

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In October, married lives can become unstable and full of misunderstandings, which can lead to family conflicts.


Relationships concluded in November bring material well-being and financial stability, which is often at the forefront of couples who decide to get married in this month.


December is considered a lucky month for marriage, with the prospect of a happy family life, an abundance of offspring and happy moments.

Although modern couples often choose to get married based on practical reasons, such as the availability of locations and guests, understanding traditional beliefs can be helpful.

Regardless of the wedding month chosen for the wedding, it is important for the couple to maintain love, respect and understanding, as these are key elements for a successful and happy married life.

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