Jordan: An attractive country in the Middle East

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Jordan is considered the jewel of the Middle East. Despite the chaos and unrest surrounding it, the country has maintained its neutrality and today welcomes foreign travelers and researchers with open arms.

Jordan is a fabulous introduction to the Middle East, as a safe and friendly tourist destination brings travelers closer to the wonders of the world and showers them with hospitality. It boasts a range of UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the fading frescoes of the 1,300-year-old desert castle of Quseir Amra to the red sand dunes of Wadi Rum. Did we mention Jordan's crown jewel, Petra? Expect to admire it for at least two days or more. Despite its rich history, Jordan is not rooted in the past, the hilly capital of Amman is full of lively restaurants and cafes, opulent shopping malls and impressive art galleries. You can dive into the Dead or Red Sea and treat yourself to pampering at luxury resorts along the coast.

When to Jordan?

Jordan is a destination that, with its diverse landscape, invites tourists throughout the year. The best times of the year to visit Jordan are spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). Traveling during the summer months (June to August) can be a challenge for those who are not used to the heat, as temperatures rise well above the comfortable limit.

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What should I see in Jordan?

It is the crown jewel of a Jordan trip Peter, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has been enthralling visitors ever since the lost city was discovered two centuries ago by Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt. Wandering through the perfectly preserved ancient city is an experience like no other. From the mysterious Djinn Blocks that greet you right at the beginning, the path will lead you through the high-walled Siq Canyon, where you will be accompanied by the historic canals that once supplied Petra with water. The biggest attraction is Al-Khazneh, the treasury, whose Hellenistic facade is shown in all the tourist guides.

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Legend has it that the rock-hewn monument, built as the final resting place of the Nabataean king Aretas IV, was the treasure hideout of the Egyptian pharaoh during the time of Moses. This is far from all, as Petra is a destination that continues to surprise. If you happen to get tired while exploring, jump to the Dead Sea. The sea, known for its water rich in minerals, is considered one of those with healing properties for the skin and the human body. The density of the water ensures that you will not swim in it, but just float. Wadi Mujib stretching a few kilometers away from the Dead Sea, it is Jordan's answer to America's Grand Canyon. Four kilometers wide and one kilometer deep, the river canyon offers nature lovers the opportunity to explore the unique landscape and observe a multitude of wildlife, including Egyptian vultures, Nubian ibex, striped hyena and Syrian wolf.

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After you've rested after hiking and floating on the surface of the Dead Sea, treat yourself to another Jordanian attraction - Wadi Rum. The valley of sandstone and granite, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is located in the southern part of Jordan. Imagine an otherworldly experience with high cliffs, huge dunes, swirling arches and caves, and its image has served as the backdrop for many Hollywood films. In 2011, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The community here has turned Wadi Rum into a Bedouin ecotourism haven, where you can choose between camel riding, sandstone mountain climbing and canyoning on four-wheelers. History buffs should not miss the ruins of Jerash when visiting Jordan, one of the best-preserved ancient Roman cities in the world, where you can admire colonnaded avenues and temples, as well as a huge sports arena that once accommodated as many as 15,000 spectators. Tourists begin to tour the ruins Jerash with a walk through Hadrian's triumphal arch, an 11-meter sculpture that was twice as tall for its time. Continue towards the hippodrome, built around the 2nd century, which once hosted chariot races, but today gladiator fights and chariot races are staged here. Have you had enough of the sights and just want a beach holiday in the hot Middle East? Aqaba, a coastal city in the south of Jordan, spoils tourists with holidays on the stunning Red Sea coast.

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How to explore Jordan?

The unique road rules, lack of reliable public transport options and long stretches of desert highway between popular hotspots are all signs that a trip to Jordan needs to be well planned. Renting a car is definitely the most convenient choice, especially if money is not an obstacle. Driving in Jordan is an experience of its own, often without rules, so it's not for the faint of heart. If you are confident behind the wheel and can adapt to the local driving style, renting a car is without a doubt the right choice.

How much is a plane ticket to Jordan?

You can fly from Vienna to Amman with Wizz Air from 57 euros. You can search for flight tickets according to your vacation date HERE.

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Covid-19 restrictions in Jordan

Before visiting Jordan, you must complete a check-in form and obtain a QR code to present upon boarding. You do not need a negative PCR test result to enter, and proof of vaccination is no longer required. Check all current information about Covid-19 restrictions HERE.

Accommodation in Jordan

Paradise Camp rum

Rum Paradise Camp is located in Wadi Rum and offers a shared lounge, free private parking, a garden and a terrace. Each of the "tents" is equipped with a private bathroom, and some also offer sitting areas and verandas. A continental breakfast is served in the mornings.

Twins Boutique Hotel

The hotel is close to Aqaba's central attractions and the airport is just 11 km away. The hotel has a terrace at guests' disposal, and every morning they spoil you with breakfast. The rooms are tastefully furnished and air-conditioned.

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