Kanye West - Kanye Is Fashion: An Instagram Profile That Makes You Smile To Tears


Kanye West - infamous rapper, fashion designer, Kim Kardashian stylist and now curator - is a pop culture phenomenon that you either love or hate. His fans and haters agree that he is one of the most daring people in the music and fashion world. And, because Kanye West leaves no one cold, there's the witty Instagram profile @kanyeisfashion, which brings laughs to tears with witty comments in the rapper's signature style.

We spotted a witty profile on Instagram with the title Kanye Is Fashion, which is dedicated to Kanye West - the infamous rapper, fashion designer, stylist, and now curator. The profile is filled with doctored photos of Kanye nonchalantly wearing fashion creations we've surprisingly never seen him in before, and each photo is accompanied by an imaginary commentary in the rapper's signature self-deprecating style. Check the Instagram profile in the gallery @kanyeisfashion and laugh to tears.

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