Lego bricks - Surprising ways to reuse them

Lego bricks are more than a toy. Not only because they are timeless, but because they can also be used outside the children's room. And since there probably isn't a child in the last few generations who didn't own at least a few pieces of one of the most popular toys in the world during their childhood, there is a high probability - if you haven't handed them all down to the younger generations in good condition - that you have many dice lying around somewhere. But why collect dust on them when you can extend their life in a modified form. Here are some brilliant ideas on how to use Lego bricks.

Lego they are not only useful for sparking children's imaginations, but they can also be used as purely practical ones (household) appliances. And since they marked many childhoods and are one of those toys that we just can't get rid of, there is a good chance that they are now alone in some attic or basement. But that it is real timeless toys, which we will never really outgrow, the following series of ideas on how to use Lego bricks in a more useful and current mode.

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Sometimes you will need some spit in addition to the cubes adhesives, otherwise Legice will be quite enough.

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