LG G8s Thinq: easily the most bang for your buck

LG G8s Thinq - Photo: Žan Macarol

Every time someone asks me for advice on what smartphone to buy, the LG G8s Thinq has always been on my shortlist of smartphones in recent months. It's simply the only phone that fills the niche between ultra-premium phones that cost €1,000 or more and those in the €700 range. So easy to offer the most for your money! That's also why it's my top pick in the "PRICE-PERFORMANCE" category! A phone that simply has everything and makes absolutely no compromises.

LG G8s Thinq no scream but skillfully hides his trump cards. And that's it hiding the trump cards is at LG- yeah a problem in recent years. It is a company that constantly dictates trends and discovers new things in the world of smartphones. Last but not least, it is it's LG that who started the trend different lenses on the back of the smartphone and thus predicted this kind of trend at premium smartphones. Today, it is these various lenses - from telephoto to ultra-wide-angle - that are used by virtually all manufacturers in the same way as this foreseen by LG itself. And that's why it is LG known in the industry as the one, which he proverbially experiments too much, but he always manages to predict certain trends, and at the same time it pays off. But the big problem is that many of his experiments somehow have a bad effect on the products he sends to the market. They often go in the completely wrong direction. Such has been the experience in the past, but it seems that they don't do that anymore. That's also why they're with me this time We asked LG, to tell the story of the new LG G8s, as I see it myself. And that without a hair on the tongue. And I find out if the LG G8s is the most you can get for your money.

All the best - Only the best!

He practically makes no compromises.

If you're looking for a phone that didn't make a single compromise when designing it, then the LG G8s Thinq might just be the phone for you. Well, let's see.

Inside, there are many goodies of much more expensive phones. This is also why the price of the LG G8s Thinq is really among the extremely affordable!
Inside, there are many goodies of much more expensive phones. This is also why the price of the LG G8s Thinq is really among the extremely affordable! Photo: Jean Macarol

They took the best to heart Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which he supports 6GB (RAM) of working memory. For the latter, he keeps company with the classics 128 GB data storage. Even the battery is not without bugs and breaks 3500 mAh and it can be quickly filled with 21 W or according to the Quickcharge 3.0 standard. There is also wireless charging with 9W. The phone's screen is good, which is what LG is known for in a way, because it also transfers all its rich knowledge from the TV world and, among other things, has experience in making screens for many other smartphone manufacturers. This time it is the so-called 6.1-inch P-OLED,  which has HDR10, Dolby Vision and a resolution of 1440 x 3120. All these otherwise dry data absolutely contribute to the fact that several interlocutors asked me what kind of phone I have in my hand and at the same time noted how excellent the screen is LG G8s Thinq. While these specs don't shine on paper – there are smartphones with better ones – the phone has a lot going for it decent and surprisingly good screen, which deviates from the average, both in brightness and clarity of the image. This feature of the phone can be seen from afar. At the same time, it is not even such an insignificant fact that the glass that protects the screen Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is standard for the vast majority of premium phones. On the back of the phone this time they used just Gorilla Glass 6, which I have to praise. But an even more important fact is that the screen is not rounded like on phones Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10+. This means that the possibility of damage to the screen is much smaller, since the screen is "flat" or flat and one with the frame. Anyone who has ever cracked a smartphone screen will appreciate this immensely. But the goodies that others do not have do not end here. LG G8s Thinq you can dive up to 1.5 meters deep water and leave the phone there for half an hour. It has a high standard IP68. The latter is also accompanied by the standard of "endurance" of the American army MIL-STD-810G, which is also often one of the biggest buyers of LG devices. We still haven't finished with the technicalities, of which there are still quite a few. A double SIM card is also possible, and the memory can be upgraded with a microSD card - up to 1 TB. You will be able to unlock your phone like this with facial recognition, palm recognition via a TOF 3D camera, which is installed next to the camera, or with a completely classic sensor for fingerprint, located on the back of the phone. And that's still not all! LG G8s but it also has a bunch of sensors and is thus a real little laboratory. Inside are an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a proximity sensor, a compass, a barometer, and more. And we haven't even gotten to the real goodies of this smartphone yet. More on that below.

Phone for audiophiles

The difference with the competition is more than obvious.

You love music... then you can't go wrong with the LG G8s Thinq! Here, LG is easily the best of all!
You love music... then you won't miss out with the LG G8s Thinq! Here, LG is easily the best of all! Photo: Jean Macarol

LG smartphones have always been to the taste of audiophiles. It is about one of rare producers, which truly appreciate the sound, which is capable of being reproduced via different media. That's why it still remains a classic 3.5 mm jack or the classic headphone jack. It all supports the possibility of production 32-bit sound with the DTS - X Surround Audio system. In practice and in layman's terms, this simply means a more detailed sound. In even more layman's terms: headphones with which you usually listen to music will suddenly sound incomparably better. This is quite an amazing effect, especially when you compare the sound directly against other smartphone manufacturers. LG but it is at G8s also experimented with sound production, which this time is created by the phone screen itself with its vibrations. This sound is extremely comparable to the classic sound of the speaker, but I can hardly argue that it is any better than the average competition in this case. But still an extremely interesting idea, which is definitely innovative. Inside the phone itself, there is more space for other "goodies", such as a 3.5 mm phone plug, which They still insist on LG.

LG G8s - there is also an "audijack" and thus a ticket to the world of really high quality sound!
LG G8s - there is also an "audijack" and thus a ticket to the world of really high quality sound!

Photo on the level

Definitely one of the best!

Photo capabilities are at an extremely high level! LG G8s Thinq
Photo capabilities are at an extremely high level! LG G8s Thinq

S photo there is a devil on smartphones. Even the best are not able to produce the best results in certain situations and despite the help of UI. But it is a fact that, frankly speaking, there are no significant differences at the very top, and "little things" will be obvious only to the greatest experts. It is important that it is also a professional assessment DXOMark phone LG G8s awarded a good rating, it is also placed in the top by many other professional organizations and evaluators. But that seems completely unimportant to me. The point is in feelings, which you have when you use the smartphone camera. And these are good. What a good thing, I can say that the results are excellent and very comparable to the other "flag bearers". In some situations The LG G8s even wins or is better in some way. Above all, I must praise the natural color reproduction, which is one of the best approximations of what you are watching. For me personally, this feature is among the most important. Too many phones with magic AI (artificial intelligence) it spoils the photos. The grass is florescent, the faces are often oversaturated, etc. LG G8s he is honest with colors and I highlight this quality. But let's go to the main features. There are three cameras on the back. First, here is the standard 27 mm a lens that captures light with f/1.5 aperture and "bakes" 12MP large photos and includes optical image stabilization. This is especially important for the creation of video content, which is thus not only "programmatically" stabilized. This lens is followed by an ultra-wide lens that will help you create great firefighter photography and captures s 16 mm, and transmits light a little worse, namely with f/1.9 aperture. Because it's so wide-angle, it doesn't have autofocus, and it's also not mechanically stabilized. However, due to the wide angle, this is not so necessary anyway. Captures slightly more pixels than “main” 27mm lens with 16MP, also due to the stabilization "crap" in videos and the need for more "dots". The rear lens is a 52mm telephoto lens that will be great for portraits in good light. Enables 2x optical zoom, enhanced by digital zoom.

The LG G8s Thinq is a really good "camera".
The LG G8s Thinq is a really good "camera".
Main Camera System - LG G8s Thinq
12 MP, f/1.5, 27mm (standard), 1/2.6″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS
16 MP, f/1.9, 16mm (ultrawide), 1/3.1″, 1.0µm, no AF
12 MP, 52mm (telephoto), f/2.4, 1.0µm, 2x optical zoom, dual pixel PDAF, OIS

Despite the fact that most of the work is done by "automation", it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of photography. Here I blame the manufacturers for not equipping the phones with something assistants to capture the best photo, which would, for example, warn that the light is too low and that you can create a better photo by choosing a different lens. You could do that too in low light conditions get a several times better result. That's why I urge you to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the lenses on your smartphones and thus improve your photographic results. Only then does the LG G8s shine completely, i.e. in the hands of an "expert", who may sometimes switch to manual settings. Which in a world ruled by UI is both good and bad.

I won't talk about the selfie camera at length. But it is a combination of classic 26mm lens, who works for him company 3D-sensor TOF. Sebki are level and supported by HDR. The video is nicely stabilized and, interestingly, the autofocus also works extremely well. Some selfie cameras do not have autofocus or it is extremely weak. Therefore, working with him was more than excellent and he successfully met my high expectations. Video "stories" for Instagram were also at a high level. I can praise the video results without worry. More below.

Video and audio and 4K

The Swiss army knife for videographers

The video will capture perfectly!
The video will capture perfectly!

To everyone who creates video content for Instagram (stories + IG video) or we often use the phone as a "backup" camera (something that helps us when creating vlogs), is The LG G8s is a true Swiss army knife. This means that I can only praise it and have no significant comments on its performance. Especially when I compare it to the Chinese competition that I have used in recent years. The advantage is mainly in the "mechanical" stabilization of the lens itself and in a truly more stabilized video clip. I can say that the video is at a higher level than I expected. It definitely helps also good sound capture, which is often neglected by many manufacturers, is still sometimes more important than the image itself. I should mention that he is recording straight 24-bit audio in stereo technique. This is also why it is an excellent tool for "telephone" vloggers. The image is nicely stabilized and when recording video you can extremely easily you switch between different lenses and thus create an interesting dynamic effect. V way 4K it will be necessary to use a tripod or a stabilizer, because the image is only "mechanically" stabilized, not software. But that's how it is practically with all smartphones.

Video in numbers
2160p@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60fps, 720p@240fps, HDR10, 24-bit/192kHz stereo sound rec. 
I personally judge the cameras and video capabilities of phones by how willing I am to share their "production" results on social networks. Simply put: the more I record, the more I photograph and the more I publish, the better the smartphone or its camera system. And with the LG G8s, it was all very simple. That's also why I've made quite a few posts with it, or not so much for a long time.

Which phone should I buy…

... is the question I get asked the most!

LG G8s Thinq with a recommended price of 699 euros (500 euros binding) has as direct competition OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10. They are all very comparable in price. Before Oneplus 7 Pro leads LG G8s mainly because IP68 standard and options wireless charging. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has extremely comparable features, but a slightly higher price with our operators. It is also due to the relatively favorable price policy LG G8s Thinq in Slovenia - it seems that all tongues weigh in his favor.

The LGg G8s Thinq is a good buy! Photo: Jean Macarol
The LGg G8s Thinq is a good buy! Photo: Jean Macarol

Buying a phone is a thing personal preferences and lifestyle, always written to the needs of each individual. But anyway. Most of the time, people come with a list of features for which I can only offer them "flag bearers" or phones from the class of around 1000 euros. And here somehow The LG G8s shines, because we can get it for a contract (2 years) from the operators for an amount of approx 500 euros. But it has practically everything that the "most expensive" have or some more sugar! Here, I am mainly aiming at various durability standards IP68 and MIL, Gorilla Glass 6 and excellent sound reproduction. For the money, it is definitely one of the best choices at the moment (if not the best choice). This is the phone I also recommended to my mother. She is an extremely demanding user. It is important for her that the phone has a processor of the latest generation, that it takes excellent photos, that it is extremely durable and at the same time waterproof, that it is a product of a trusted brand (which, after all, is not completely unimportant in times of trade wars), that it is not sinfully expensive, or that is the winner in the "price-performance" category. So the best buy for your money. And that LG G8s it is, no doubt about it. Unfortunately for this LG easy he can't say it out loud enough. So it is in a world these days where we are all dressed in the emperor's invisible clothes.

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