Lincoln Star: The traditional Lincoln heralds an electric future

Lincoln will be an electric manufacturer

Photo: Lincoln

The world is inevitably changing. Thus, even very traditional brands are opting for an electric future.

Over 100 years old, the Lincoln Motor Company is an automobile manufacturer deeply rooted in its tradition. And while his reputation served him well during the combustion engine era, it made it extremely difficult for Lincoln to change his public image. Well aware of this reality, the Michigan-based brand is now announcing that it will transform into a modern company, unveiling a state-of-the-art all-electric concept car that offers a glimpse of the luxury marque's future lineup of all-electric vehicles.

An interesting design that flirts with past models of this brand. Photo: Lincoln
Dubbed the Lincoln Star Concept, it's an "exercise" in automotive design for the future, and it takes an ultra-sleek take on the brand's signature aesthetic with a smooth grille, full-length LED headlamps, an illuminated four-point star emblem and 3D-printed metal. Grilles that adorn the concept and its A-pillar and D-pillar. The vehicle is built on top of Lincoln's flexible EV Quiet Flight DNA architecture, although exact engine and battery specifications have yet to be revealed. But they indicate serious steps into the future.

The interior is characterized by tradition

The concept car's interior is even more impressive, with a cabin inspired by boutique hotels. The interior also boasts an airplane-inspired wing-shaped floating dashboard, one-pedal driving, the Lincoln Attaché digital briefcase concept, and a special audio, scent and lighting mood system with a trio of different modes/moods. In addition to the massive sliding lip, the Star also features a set of suicide-style rear doors that completely reveal the cabin when the front doors are closed. What's more, the rear luggage compartment opens to reveal a "living area" with several seats.

Luxurious interior. Photo: Lincoln
While it's unclear if the Star Concept is slated for final production, it nevertheless lays the groundwork for a trio of new all-electric Lincoln models slated to hit the market by 2025, offering a glimpse of the brand's impressive future design language and amenities.

Characteristic rear. Photo: Lincoln

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